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June 23, 2021


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World Environment Day: Pakistan role in the World aims to restore Ecosystem

3 min read
World Environmental Day

Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

World Environment Day is widely known annually on 5th June under the auspices of world organisation United Nation  to spread worldwide awareness and encourage the nation-states to need action for the protection of their environment.

Since 1974, at the current time is being held annually and has become one amongst the foremost important venue for exciting the progress on the environmental dimensions as per the UN stated Sustainable Development Goals.

So With the UN Environment Programmed (UNEP) at the help, around 150 countries across the world would participate during this event along with other major corporations, non-governmental organizations, and civil societies so on… 

adopt the world Environment Day brand to surmount the environmental challenges. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’  

a requirement action to synergize global efforts to recover the ecosystems that are degraded.

Pak Navy marks World Environment Day

Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, activities involving mass gatherings weren’t held this year. However, so as to indicate firm resolve, effective use of media is being made to boost awareness about the environment.

Harbour cleaning activity was conducted by the Navy personnel and banners and posters were displayed and leaflets about steps to revive the ecosystem were distributed in PN units and residential areas.

World Environmental Day
Image by Robert Jones from Pixabay 

A webinar under the auspices of National Institute of Maritime Affairs was also organized to spotlight the importance of preservation and restoration of Marine Ecosystem. 

Additionally to the attention campaign, practical steps like mangroves and tree plantation campaigns are already underway.

The OIC Message To World Environment Day

The OIC 2025: Program of Action calls upon the Member States to shield and preserve the environment, promote sustainable production and consumption patterns and enhance capacities for disaster risk reduction, temperature change mitigation and adaptation.

The international community must make fundamental behavioral and societal level changes by promoting a shift towards more sustainable and fewer resource-intensive consumer choices, increasing climate awareness and literacy among the overall population

Imran Khan honoured to host World Environment Day

He said that previously only 640 million trees were planted within the country while the PTI-led KP government alone during its five-year tenure planted one billion saplings.

“Unfortunately, forest land in Pakistan has been ruined and occupied,” he said and blamed the timber mafia for ruining the jungle area within the country.

Imran Khan shared that trees along 50 kilometers of Shahra-e-Karokaram were cut and praised the efforts of the forest guards who intervened and stopped the activity which also saw the death of their 10 fellow members.

The prime minister said that nature has yet again given them the chance to utilize these 10 years to boost their ecosystem as any threat thereto will have an irreversible negative impact on the country.

“We are already witnessing the impact of worldwide warming on our glaciers, which could be a source of 80 percent of our water,” he said adding that their meltdown has led to water shortages, with provinces blaming one another for water theft.

“Currently we’ve provinces quarreling over water shortages and if we are unable to manage it today, it’ll have a far-reaching impact in future,” the premier warned.

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