May 18, 2021


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World cancer day-cancer symptoms, causes, and Preventions

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It is said that every 10 out of 10 women in the world get this disease in their life. The beauty that a woman has in her life does not cause cancer. In Pakistan too, every man has this disease in his new life. Standing in front of the mirror, starting from one side, a whole partner saw his second marriage in ruins, if there is no change in what we call cancer in ordinary Urdu language and ordinary people It is also called an apostle.

It is a disease that is important for every servant to understand. After understanding this, if the symptoms of prevention come, then as soon as possible you know that it is formed from the head as it is formed from a family. And that is what has come in their short form. They say that in the same way the Companions of the dead body are formed from each and every cancer of the body. Muslim life is different. These cells keep dying and new ones are formed. The more cells die, the more they become. Once a person is full of weight and full, they do not become as many as they need to be, but obviously, there is a total Members of the cell remain the same if the number of cell deaths in each of these or other places is less than the number of cells that die per star and because of them it becomes more and they get out of control. When it is over, they will start gathering in one place and the scoundrels can give courage to one and only say that it is not permissible not to control the body.

There is another force that has flesh but it Larger cocktail roll and it stays in the same place and does not spread. It comes out in different parts of the body. They also take it out but it is not a government. There is nothing they can do. They work in it. If it is removed, it does not happen again, while in cancer, all the contacts of the body are eliminated. They also take a bath there and it happens and they move away from the place. For them, they start reading. And the difference from which only the silence of those Indians can be seen by telling about the source of the needle or the extraction given by Hussain and then we find out that it is Ali is the body, but if they do what they do, they make it, but it is the one that stays in the same place. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. The rest of the body will not be able to lose weight. They have gone to the liver. There will be water in the stomach Looks like this group is spreading from the rest of the body and this is the country group and this is cancer but these are all symptoms. They are late. Have you heard it in the beginning or not? There is no way we can get rid of cancer.

world cancer day awareness

There are diseases like diseases. Some diseases like you are happy. We can avoid it by posting a speed factor that can lead to cancer of the head. If these things are prevented, we say let’s take it. We have seen in our express that breast cancer is more common in these women. I have given birth to my first child, then I am the one who is a woman. Or women who have thorns or have a special kind of language in it and secondly we have seen that those whose family result is cancer in the ground 1400 will no longer be able to be saved by all these doctors as is the case with colon cancer. Younis is waiting in Pakistan after the same year and has been seen in colon cancer. People who post lullabies because of which it doesn’t happen. I have seen that those who have some or some of them are also more in families and those who have a big sleep have a better chance of 1440 moons in which more inspectors can be avoided if you have this in my cancer.

That is, those who take spicy things, those who did not put them in the back, they used to be in pain, then he will get rid of these things. Then there are some diseases in liver cancer. There are more of them. This means that the son who prays to avoid cancer will also do the same thing to avoid cancer. To say that he is a foreigner is to say that the liver will work. How can you avoid this in a single sentence? This is a difficult thing because the disposable factors in every cancer are the neutrals that cause cancer to go to the moon. If you want to avoid them, you can still avoid them. To use life as soon as you can, conquer its use and if you have passed away, your life is over. You can’t say exactly what you mean by which fiber is lost. There is work in which there is a work that is a fresh photo and in which if I am I am flat and not put it all comes in the food but if you say that war causes cancer then it is wrong But it lacks the fiber of the war food match because it has updates, it has AIDS, it is used to do, so these things are less grave, so there will be a lot of people, so if there is peace, then there will be peace. Colon cancer is one of the reasons why people who are equal in date have more than what they can do. You can say that you mean if you don’t fight, then there is no sign that anyone does it. But if what you do is in hand and how he and all the patient inquiries are done to them then what is this family like? This transfer was a mistake in which the chance of getting this head and breast cancer was very weather-like. If you take out both your press and it, then there is so much in it. If you want it, you may not get anything. If it is useless to promote this thing, Muttahida Sharif and he has to promote it. There is no doubt that cancer is the oldest known disease in human history, but it is as old as human history. In his honor, the signs of the back element have been written in it and before that, his things, and then what I was saying to you, then there are signs of his disease which is in history, it seems that She also had breast cancer, which is as old a disease as her human history, and her prince is the same as the one who said earlier that Chanel Lifestyle Restoration Best Friend Aid will start on February 11.

You can’t cross a single thing in it. See the full proof. Now, if you know how to raise it because of poultry, it will not be the subject and the right thing, but in any case, what is ours. We can’t go into the diet that is used to fight them. We can’t say that it can’t. This is a sector, but it is difficult to talk about it. If there is any change in it, any kind of immediate notice should be taken.

Let’s talk about those who have a real soul that is inside the breast and it is small to get out of here. There are words that are one of the signs that are not visible. It’s wrapped up, it’s loaded, it’s in the ghazal, it’s in the crime, and it’s in the neck, and I come in within a minute of what they say, and then when they start, they’re in the notepad. With so many tears, he even gives a phone call to be brought into it or it goes into the liver. What is the most important thing I can do and what I can do completely is get cured and they disappear? It is very important to see that it is the lowest among our women. It is said that our It will happen in her life and in Pakistan, this fall is a little better than that but even in Pakistan every man anyway if a woman has this disease in a new life then it is in it people should know that it is called If you want to catch The most important thing is to say that our boat is sunk there. You are right, those who have their breasts exposed in front of the mirror, starting from one side and ruining their second marriage. Look, there is nothing wrong with that and if you look at them in the mirror and ask them in the form of both from the control of both, then such a thing is not happening once and if it falls somewhere, then show it immediately. They say that in spite of the test, it is necessary to qualify for what I call Mulla. If they do it, then I must do it once and you can control it. There is cancer that grows inside the body but in that, it is going to tell everyone. For example, I start working. Cancer before the cancer of the clothes is one thing, so I have cancer of the paper. You have to talk about fashion. There is a light thing in the morning which is a nun. It is a nun which also reads and which causes cancer of the stars. If we say that someone Please tell, what’s the story of the big puppies………..

If there is a cough, it should be from one of the marriages. With the cough comes blood and mucus The same is true of colon cancer. If a person bleeds with food or when someone has it and it has never happened before in life and believing women have started living with each other continuously or when will it start? How did he change his son Ambala or Internet Mobile Registration and Iranian Baloch? These symptoms are mainly yellowing of our eyes, jaundice, and pancreatic cancer, which are the symptoms of yellowing of the eyes and burning and irritation. It starts to grow. Liver ducts are closed. Every street is visible in its place. God willing, these symptoms are coming more and more in anyone. On this day, bleeding in the back, bleeding in the back, laughing, and then Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. There is no one who can do it for you.

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