May 18, 2021


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Women for sale A true story

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She looked like a housewife

He spoke close to me

Let’s go, sir

I asked how much it would cost

She said how much will you give?

I looked into his blue eyes

She was helpless. I told her to sit in the car

She was scared

She said how many men there are

I said don’t be afraid

I am alone

She remained silent

Then she said you will not bother me with cigarettes

I didn’t smile at all

Then he took a deep breath

You will not do me any harm

If you want to give me less than 500, please don’t hurt me

She was so beautiful, innocence was dripping from her words

Still, God knows why she was forced to sell her body

She did not know who I was

I asked, “Did you eat?”

I parked the car in front of the hotel and the hotelier knew me

He quickly packed the food and gave it to me

I got in the car

I walked to my office

The guard opened the door and parked the car

It was 11 o’clock at night and everyone was doing their job

She was constantly looking at me

I put the food on the plate

He told her to wash her hands

She said I did not eat

I said lovingly, “Don’t be afraid, nothing will happen.”

She came after washing her hands

She sat down in the chair in front of me and started eating

When I ate some food leftover, she said I can take it home, I didn’t smile at all.

She became silent and started taking off her burqa. I said stop

Come and sit with me

She was surprised

Look me in the eye, do your job quickly, leave me back

I said no, I will ask why you do that

Why sell the body

I can only say that you can give up all this

She started looking at my face. You look crazy to me

I looked into his eyes

Yes I’m crazy

Everyone thinks I’m crazy

She said if there is nothing to do then leave me back

I put my hand on his head

Then take out 30k from the purse and put it in his hand

She was surprised and said I didn’t take it

Why are you giving me this money?

I felt a tired look on his face

She was holding back her tears

She kept telling me to just drop her back

I am scared

I reassured him there was nothing to fear

Please tell me, what’s the story of the big puppies …..

It was listening

Her eyes were wet

As if an Hour has fallen on him

I understood that someone was walking around in great pain. He opened the door and said in a trembling voice, “Leave me and come back.”

I told her to sit down

My name is Noman. Don’t be afraid

Feel safe

When he became convinced, there was nothing to worry about

Began to tell

The husband died and they have three daughters

The in-laws kicked him out

Parents have died. Brother, there is no one. She came to her uncle’s house

My cousin abused me

When I told my aunt, everyone called me wrong

I was pushed out of the house

A distant relative married me to an elder who also had children

Her children humiliated me

Then that husband also died

The daughters began to wander for exile

There was no roof, no bread

Hunger was poverty

Standing on the road, a gentleman came and said, “I will pay 5,000 for an hour.”

Unwillingly, her mother’s affection was tormented by the situation and she finally left

Now every day I sell my body, I will rent it, I have taken it home, I leave my daughters alone

What should I do? I have thought many times to commit suicide but I don’t have the courage to look at my daughters

She was crying. I was feeling the numbness of the times

He placed his hand on her head and said, “Noman is your brother from today.”

Take your daughters and stay in a room above my office

She couldn’t believe it

I got in the car and reached his house

The daughters were asleep and very cute

The heart raised in his lap found peace

She was constantly crying

I was told that you are angels

who are you

I brought it to my office

She started praying. She kept on praying. I told her to go to sleep

I went to my office room and in front of me passed the face of a girl who was arguing with her husband

She was telling him to divorce me. You don’t care about me. She was burning her house because of her stupidity.

What is the bitterness of those poor times?

What is the Disney of the Age? I wanted to tell you that it is easy for a girl who deliberately destroys her house to get a divorce.

Sometimes mother-in-law’s cry, sometimes Nand’s siapa, sometimes fight with Jhatani, this is a matter of every household

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Settle your homes

By God, there comes a time when neither brothers nor sisters ask about the situation

Facial masks change over time

Noman will not be able to stand up to everyone everywhere. Yes, my pen may save someone from ruin.

Whatever the companion, he is your shield

Taking money from one’s own brother after marriage is like begging

My words can be understood by the woman who has gone through something like this

As a companion, it is your garment. Remember, for the time being, you are just a piece of meat

Gone are the days when relationships were kept close

Now it can be played with relationships, lust can be fulfilled then it is thrown away

Yes, written in destiny, we cannot change, but we can also write destiny ourselves with patience and humility

I don’t know how many women leave home just because her husband doesn’t give her time. Yes, it is right to complain, but what is the guarantee that the one who comes after this in life will be even worse?

There is only one life. Live it with love and understanding

I do not call this society a society but a stinking society

There are looters standing here and there in the hope of the illusion of honor …

I will just say one thing at the end

If you do not have to go outside to fill your stomach

If you do not have to sell the body

If you have a headscarf

If people don’t trade you

If people don’t call you a savage

If your feet are clean

If you sleep in a safe place at night

Don’t waste your nest

Otherwise it will be trampled and torn

Ask those who are divorced

She is wondering how many children she will become a father’s companion

Don’t know how he will behave

And then she spends her whole life listening to this sarcasm. If it was so good, why would she get a divorce?

Well, the girl is safe, thank God, but she is crying

In the apathy of time

And you know, there’s a man somewhere in a woman’s ruin

The one who leaves after falling in love is a claimant or the one who divorces after getting married is unlucky

The woman, by God, is a prisoner in the chains of my society

Sometimes on her father’s turban, sometimes on her mother-in-law’s poisonous tone

Sometimes because of the husband’s ego, sometimes because of the children

If men understand my writing then maybe my society will change

Yes, there are some women in the bazaar who, no matter how much respect you give them, they like to be the splendor of the bazaar more than the veil of honor. Then such unfortunate women give birth to a stinking society.

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