May 7, 2021


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Why Pakistan Needs Chinese “BeiDou” System for For Shaheen 3

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Video First Arriving System has made it much easier to determine the Salaf in today’s world. Torture Vacation System takes you to your destination easily. Problems around the world today determine their destination through this system. Pakistan has re-tested the Shaheen-3 missile. Since then, rumors have been circulating as to why Pakistan did so, after which it had successfully tested the Shaheen-3 before,

But did not understand why it was necessary to re-test the missile. But now it has also been removed. Earlier you were using the Global Positioning System from the beginning which is the US World Day system but the son of Pakistan and China has moved to the navigation system but why and it Pakistan Before we go any further in this video, let us tell our esteemed viewers that there are currently 569 navigation systems in operation in the world, with the United States’ GPIA topping the list and global It is followed by the eclipse of Russia and most of the world’s countries, including China’s foreign cities. India and Japan also use the Quraysh system.

These navigation systems from the United States, Russia, and Europe are currently the most widely used in the world. However, China’s relational system is developing rapidly and is being used. Pakistan has also relocated to China’s external cash system and is the first country in the world to be a sincere friend of Pakistan which relocated to China’s railway station. Pakistan relocated to China’s Border Location System. Eric Schultz, director-general of the Islamic State and a spokesman for the Islamic State from abroad said that Pakistan is a key partner in the Line Edition program. GPS has been used to explain why Pakistan moved to China’s railway station. He said goodbye to the GPS system, successfully tested missiles, and successfully targeted its target in the Arabian Sea. According to the Public Relations Department IDG ISPR, two thousand from the ground to ground In the test of the pro-kilometer range Shaheen 3 missile, I successfully hit the target outside during Uncle Shaun Haider Yildirim yesterday and the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Nadeem Raza Faizi G. Please Commander Noman Akram The President, Prime Minister, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Service also congratulated the scientists and engineers on the successful experiment.

In Pakistan, the experiment was not done with the US GPS system, but with the help of the system. Whether the system can compete with GPSLE wrestling or not, that’s why the royal method was restarted and the missile successfully reached the destination and hit Hazrat. However, the Pakistan Army has also learned the good news that it is doing a great job. The whole world has come to know that the relations between Pakistan and the United States are not the same as before. Most of the United States is leaning towards India because the United States has brought India before China. That’s why the United States has been defending India for some time Azz is trying to strengthen the trust relationship between the United States and Pakistan has weakened after which Pakistan decided that it will move to GPSB because Pakistan has so many missiles that To succeed, the United States needed a GPS system. Pakistan feared that if the United States provided it, Pakistan would suffer problems, meaning that it would not get any lift and would not know that it did. It has to be said that Pakistan will benefit from this shrine, so show wisdom in Pakistan. The anxious statement has started using the election system because it is a country that Pakistan can trust even with its eyes closed. No, it is not. There are also reports that in the coming days, Turkey may move on with Pakistan because Turkey is also using the US GPS system at the moment, while its air force spokesman Ahmed Kamal has also introduced the person because Turkey is also using the US Not only Pakistan has successfully tested Shaheen-1 missile, then the legs of the enemy will start shaking. Went and started enemy propaganda that Pakistan’s Shaheen 3 experiment has failed.

I was the first in Pakistan to know why a successful woman fell and how these experiments were successful. This program shows how the enemy’s fear Another important piece of news about Imam Hussein’s ideology would be that the dispute that arose on one condition only led to tensions in Sino-Canadian relations came from an employee of the embassy staff. According to officials, the Chinese son-in-law has been ridiculed by the station rather than the public. The Foreign Office said in a statement that it had made it clear to the Canadian government that an immediate inquiry into the matter would be conducted and that “we would be aware of the consequences”. The virus has spread around the world, but he explained that the test It is not the shape but the English alphabet written in Arabic, which is the only symbol of New York once. Relations between the two countries are developing and they have been detained in Canada since the lawsuits were filed. I sympathize with China. I don’t like it after their arrest. Has been banned.

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