May 7, 2021


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Why is Charity So Important in Islam? Story

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This is the story of a young Saudi man whose expenses are much higher than his salary because he is married. Before the end of the month, his salary was exhausted and what he has to do is drowning in public debt. Was going and he was becoming convinced that now his life will be spent in the same situation that his wife took care of his material situation but it is difficult to breathe about debts one day He went to a meeting of his friends. There was also a friend there that day who was a man of opinion and the young man said that he valued the advice of his friend and said, “I told him in words.” How to tell your story, put your financial problems in front of him. He listened to me and said, “My opinion is that you should set aside some of your salary for charity.”

The young Saudi man was surprised and told me to cover my household expenses. You have to take a loan and you are asking for charity. I came home and told my wife the whole thing, so what is the harm in experiencing only wives Allah Almighty says to open the door of the bus for you. I intended to allocate the third of the four thousand riyals per month for charity and at the end of the month, I started paying it. I swear by Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala It just so happened that I was always lost in financial tension and thoughts and where my life seemed to be forgotten now, I felt free to think what to say, then a few months later I started my life. I started to set my salary in parts and it was a blessing like never before. I calculated and I realized how long it would take for me to lose many of these chairs, God willing. Opened another way and I started participating in the work of his property dealer with one of my things. I would remove it and I get a fair profit on it. Whenever someone is comfortable, guide me to someone else. I do it, I repeat the same thing here, whenever I get profit, I give charity out of it for Allah, I swear by Allah, what can I do? No one knows except the one who has tried it. Give alms and let us see the blessings of Allah showering with our own eyes. If you start allocating money and he does it, then you will get the same reward as the one who gives charity, the reward of the giver will not decrease, you will leave this world and because of you Someone is doing charity behind you. Similarly, if you spread this message and someone has made it a habit to give charity, then you have the same reward as the one who gives charity if you are a student and you have a little bit of charity.

Make as much money as you can for charity. If the giver knows and understands that his charity goes to Allah before it falls into the hands of the poor, then surely the giver is more than the enjoyer. That is one of the gates of Paradise. This year we have the best deed and the best charity is to feed. Charity will be a shadow on the Day of Resurrection and the Day of Resurrection will come to the giver. It cools the wrath of Shanah and is a cooling tool in the heat of the grave. It cannot be the best gift for the deceased and it cannot be the highest Troubles, that is, both the pure and the purifier, are the means of purification of the soul and increase the virtues. On the Day of Resurrection, the face of the giver of charity is a cause of refreshment. Charity is the cause of the forgiveness of sins. Many verses are expiation. Charity is good news and is the cause of angels’ prayers. The giver of charity is one of the best people and his reward is given to the person who can share in it in any way. He is promised a lot of good and a great reward. Spending is a man. He adds it to the attributes of the pious, and Allah’s creatures love the one who gives charity. Doing charity is a sign of generosity and generosity.

Charity is the source of calamity, removes calamity, and closes all the doors of evil in the world. Charity is the cause of an increase in age and wealth. Charity is the cause of success and health. Charity is also a cure. Keep it burning. It prevents theft and evil. Charity is rewarded. Why not on animals and birds? Please grant them permission with requests.
Allah Hafiz

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