May 18, 2021


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Why China’s Man-Made Island’s Are Sinking

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the song Ben 10 economic and to the strategic importance of the sea pad to find myself oil and natural gas research with solution points Boss Marine of millions of Southeast Asian on the surface you find one-third of the world’s Maritime shipping industry passing through the waters carrying over 3 trillion dollars in trade each year and for all that together is not understand why the South China Sea is so important this is most heavily contested by multiple Nations brush put anything alive some just don’t fly by the rules China has been trying to climb on nose 90% of the South China Sea China accused has a story based on is analyst and Academics contend that the islands of the South China Sea but it by China’s

On Thursday more than 2 million this is how the infamous 9-9 and to be that overlaps most other countries exclusive Economic Times including pronoid Malaysia the Philippines Taiwan and dial this letter of Paramount function between China and these Nations but on a new it can Climb a territory they had no interest lecture of civilians own server start a construction of man made Island in hopes of them being accepted as Raaz movie song together review the atomic China for supporting the military bases are equipped with strips and high-tech equipment purchase and thak of guns

it was clear that you would ever it’s OK to take control of the South China Sea eventually lead to the Philippines bringing Western International Tribunal in The Hawk the entrepreneurial growth and claims to the sea however China popularity check the authority of the Tribunal and its findings of the case with nice Achanak continuing age of resistance in the South China Sea this is the reason why China still to this day has a strong presence in the area provision events have indicated that those persons in the earlier might be over not only is China’s biggest enemy United States began extraction is present by countless freedom of navigation operation for Vietnam the country that opposes China’s Times Square controlling of ten artificial islands on specific purpose

recent reports of said that might have Subhash trial for 50 countries that keep silence from sinking is tracking this means that China and the future of the South China Sea my first understanding the United States interest to perform freedom of navigation operations also known as bonus in the area freedom of navigation operations are performed for the United States naval and air forces to reinforce internationally recognised rights and freedoms by challenging excess of maritime claims of each operation vary depending on the maritime claim that is being protested that in the case of China’s times the sum of Tennessee United States has spent most of the warships well into the future of Economics of China’s man made Island this along with information found in a Chinese magazine published by the company that builds Chinese Navy ships has built the weaknesses of the salads and they found for the flashbacks in which these ions are vulnerable to attacks where is this location of islands were looking at this map you can see the lawyer from Mainland China the distance means that China’s forces Combat 4 chips need more than 20 hours to reach the islands the islands are also true for a way to the for the Jay 16-ounce Motorola strike Fighter the fighters simple control the earlier because of the best prices on Mainland China and on the Islands for the more clients only have one run by the for to not have the space to prevent needed to support more than one at what time this means that in the event of a conflict I plan on loading or if you’re lying on the Islands would have to say on the Runway at all times reading other actress from using at

if we’re together is clear that China’s man made Island won’t be able to stand up against another time from another Nation that China is probably aware of this and that is true that these islands would be easy to attacked by Mabel on the fact that attack against any place in the state of Tennessee even out was considered illegal under International Law would be considered an act of War 1 and saying nuclear power with resources that the rest of IT Solution 11th May be sufficient to prevent the islands were facing any attack and let’s not forget that China is the only country with water basis for the to be taken out by religious rights examples of this is the United States Islands of warm and the chapter 12 of their major us are bases are located please after birth within range of Chinese masala types of in China has remained in the United States of in the past this is why direct attack on the island is highly unlikely but what about an attack from nature will be asked to locate a very close to the ocean with least some experience to damage from Tides and Sabko weather however this may be the biggest concern as per office Ireland only don’t need external forces to sync at least

if you want to believe recent rumours climbing the concrete used in the foundation of his silence is tracking and trial leaving the South China Sea to be claimed by a fascination for Vietnam comes in the picture as they have only been pulling out and artificial islands without the world notice I am send 2017 Vietnam has slowly add buildings to some of the goal is to make the silence self-sustaining which would make it incredibly difficult for China to take them Vietnam has also shown on most occasions but they are not afraid to pump shoulders with chinese vessels if necessary to leave your mother as any further actions could lead to a nuclear war other the Vietnamese government has made it very clear they have no other intentions weatherman my reliance land to defend themselves this explains why the have not trying to grow crops as well but placements you know that this looks just like a massive hemoptysis Nations that every single nation is aware of this as possible without ever crossing even if it seems that are only two possible outcomes that China’s renders or we will have an everlasting chess game in the South China Sea Of Monsters and its might have to mention this happen otif and second nature because if the rumours of tracking concrete or through it could easily sync the islands in the structural support to keep the floods occur during typhoid or twice a month in the South China Sea is only a matter of time before chavis islands were the heads but also that The E-Commerce is of China Sea dispute will most likely benefit is rendering only a small percentage of people who is very years or so if you’re not working this video contains carbon is brain and mind

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