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Who is Yunus Emre? the most famous Turkish poet

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Yunus emre
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The name of Hazrat Jalaluddin Rumi will appear in the language of who is the most popular and greatest Sufi poet. You have been hearing that if the same question is asked to a Turkish citizen, the answer will be Younis Emre, this Sufi in Turkey. The poet is considered to be a greater public poet than Rumi, and this relationship has been the most beloved and popular poet of the Turkish people for seven hundred years, who wrote in detail about Yunus Emre in the Safavid Spiritual Digest. Born in Sara Koi area of ​​city SP. Please, friends, beloved, and lover. Your family is involved in the village as a poor farmer. It used to be said that Younis Emre is a teenager now. His village was also badly affected by the famine. Younis was more concerned about others than himself. He left for the shrine of Haji Baktash Wali, a well-known Sufi saint of Halki. He had no money and the dervishes had no hands. Haji Baktash was a very old man who picked some flowers from the forest. He told one of his special disciples that eight Yun. When he is about to come, they ask him whether he should come or Barakat. Unfamiliar with this, they asked if the blessing would take up so much space. The answer was no. Blessing is a small thing that can fit in a DC space. He thought that people here are dying of starvation.

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Chase Younes tied sacks of wheat and grain from the shrine and left for the village happily. They had just gone a little farther. We made up their minds that the blessing might be a modest gold that could be sold and enjoyed. Both of them are returning to the prose hall and appearing again. Younis is getting the answer of blessings. The blessings of every part of the country. The second sheikh of the Baktash dynasty, Sofia, has been sent to the camera. Later, when Younis Emre was a judge in Nalihan, a city in Anatolia, you met Sufi elders. It was the responsibility of N. Younis Emery. More than 80 people were convinced in the provision of justice. Judge Younis Emery’s decisions and actions soon spread among the people of Nalihan city. Younis Emery’s book was a mistake. Hui Yunus had such a white complexion that he resigned from the post of the judge to acquire knowledge by becoming a student of the camera. He spent forty years in his service to learn the sciences of hadith and the mysteries of spirituality. United spent a lot of time-fighting in the living room. Younis also worked as a carpenter for the shrine for many years. At the same time, Younis was married to the daughter of the camera. The relationship with Maulana Rome was the same as that of Shah Shams Tabriz. Eunice is from Emre. In the training of dogs, Younis traveled to Lahore and then to the village. It is a journey of shouting. Younis Emery Episode No. 18 and it was a time of trials. At that time there was silence. At that time, the area around the two, Anurabad, was the only refuge for Asian refugees whose ancestors The homeland was engaged in a battle of killing and sabotage on the backs of the Mongol invaders.

Spreading the message of brotherhood and urging unity and harmony among all, Younis Emre is said to have shared a lot and had a wonderful tone of voice. At that time Maulana Rumi’s speech was a Turkish citizen. The prevailing literary language of the elite was not Persian but special because Yunus Emre’s medium of expression was Turkish spoken by the common people, ie in the rural areas. The language was simple Ahmad Reza. The flow of the song was such that when it is shown in Sufi gatherings in which you used to come, Younis Emre is also called the Sufi dervishes of Anatolia. Younis Emre died in 320 in Younis Emre. You are buried in. You have traveled to many parts of the world, including Central Asia, and your devotees are found in different parts of the world. In the present century, one of the founders of this knowledge, The Word is a Christian magazine based on fifteen hundred and seventy-five verses and contains 350 poems. He was also included, but most of the words of Yunus Emre have become obsolete. There is a well-known incident in which a disciple named Sufi saint was narrow-minded and possessed of extremist thinking. Brothers, how much is the feminine death? What do you intend to discover the word? Allah Qasim was sitting on the bank of the river and was studying what happened in Yunus. He turned the page one by one and grew so that it is a superstition. Turning the page, he has finally returned to the page on which Younis Emre had written while addressing himself that Younis, you keep telling the truth, otherwise one day it will happen that when Mullah Qasim will hold you accountable, Mullah Qasim will come to this place. K’s heart turned and now he is very sorry for destroying the pages and cried helplessly. It is said that one-third of the words of Yunus Emre, which will be passed on to the next generation, is the part of Yunus’ teachings that Mullah Qasim’s hand If you are interested in Sufism and spirituality and the wisdom of Sufis, then you must watch this drama among the first Urdu bloggers. Leading brother Ammar Zia has released this drama with hard work and dedication with Urdu service on YouTube on his channel Daily Pakistan. Younis Emre’s speech has been translated into Urdu.

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