May 7, 2021


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Who Controls Rare Earth Minerals?

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Nations are evaluating Stuti with regards to raw material supply chains one particular material that papa is rare Earth elements and China controls the majority of the proxify regarding this manner I turn to Allah director of analysis for stratford geopolitical team Hyderabad elements important to the geopolitical strategies of major powers woman’s hour viral to a number of Technologies what is an ap are becoming more and more important as we enter and continue in the nation and Ajit mention their viral to magnet in wind turbine se or viral to electric vehicles are in a new emerging and disruptive Technology have properties because of where they sit and and their the elemental composition very very difficult to replace word substitute with something else so require other is and where China sports festival why with the design and have viable is this is a policy China control body of the processing capacity in the world

Where is the spider name or not actually there can only hold roughly a spirited away but because the the process to extract where is from from from the ground is so costly can potentially environmentally damaging the autumn trees that helps others distilleries and so in the second half of the 20th century China will be built after it has a day and they had a mean of primary control of the market which was fined for inner in general as long as they were doing as needed and other countries with other countries were able to have to Theni the formation infinix channel try this for the first time and where was exposed to 2:00 p.m

Want that you are ready now you have such a single point of failure the strategic boundaries of the east future technologies it is like the fans actor makeup a very very small portion of where is where is trying to their usual obesity Technologies water also using common things like ceramics so when you look at you overall and how you can for pricing it really difficult to have a strategic driver so although it is basically it’s very difficult for the market to drive off today with New Orleans square when there is enough material coming out of China and China a very powerful weather in the news the hypothetical situation Sultan the morning what time other countries and and the USB is spearheading the west right now are going to be a teacher cooperative for arm protest you have strategic governmental support that is a way that we could see alternative site Rahman

Even if the market yes for now right now find an aftermarket the Dekhi and is a powerful in the neutral Shikhar of element other countries about the market and more about the salary of being able to maintain these technologies in the production of this is what other countries would we expect to see where is mining expand us and Australia Australia back in 2010 was one of the places we intend to see a small update in in where is mining as an alternative processing and so I think looking at Australia as it also has a strong strategic United States support their other interesting location is green mint actually and as we work the all Tech competition how China and the united states in India check competition between 4 and verify element will play or go in a competition is director of analysis for the geographical analysis team at strap or Rane company.


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