May 7, 2021


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When 5G Service Start In Pakistan

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Attempts to Introduce 5G Technology in Pakistan but So Far Success Expected Government Minister Announces Partnership Agreement between Pakistan Stock Exchange Pakistan Software Export Board Addressing the function, Federal Minister for Formation Technology Amin-ul-Haq said that we have to introduce technology. Every effort will be made to introduce technology by December 21.

Imran Hussain, MD, Pakistan Software Export Board, Pakistan. Why do I cry when only 10,000 IT companies are registered in which MQM and Karachi business community supported Smart Lockdown? Pakistan Board has announced to form G-Board for Stock Exchange through which AIDS companies invest. The ceremony was held in the hall of the stock exchange to sign the agreement on the pace of development of the IT industry in Pakistan, which was signed not only by Khan, CEO of the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Export till the end of 5 Billions of dollars has been raised on the tree. On top of this, Khan said that today it is important for the stock market to raise capital. Pakistan Stock Exchange Rate Is

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