May 10, 2021


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What the snow-covered Pakistani Himalayas look like from space; NASA shows

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Nasa Pic Earth Himalya copy
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NASA has shared a picture of the snow-capped Pakistani Himalayan space and it is being widely shared on social media. Combined with NASA’s official Instagram Bentley, the image also captures the bright lights of many Delhi and Lahore.
The alleged better, longer exposure was photographed by a member of the International Space Station crew.

nasa sss

Social media users from all over the world enjoyed these pictures along with their appreciation of Pakistan’s natural scenery.
The Pakistan Government is making all-out efforts to deal with a rapidly evolving situation which is a challenge, not only for Pakistan but the whole world – and ensuring that we take proactive, comprehensive.
It is hoped that the doors of tourism in Pakistan will be opened after the end of the Coronavirus epidemic.
Because special tourism enthusiasts from all over the world are eager for tourism in Pakistan.


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