May 18, 2021


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What is written on Banderol??

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Rich Man, Coffee, Newspaper

 A long time ago, a rich man of his time picked up a morning coffee newspaper and started turning the page. However, after reading the announcement of death on the first page, he saved the cup of coffee from falling from his hands. The newspaper had news of his own death. It seemed that the newspaper had given the wrong news. However, even more, shocking than the news of his death was the headline written about him. The words of the headline were something like this: The emperor of dynamite has passed away. Below was written: The business of death, the next world reformed. The news further details what the dead did to the world, what devastation it caused. The newsreader was indeed the inventor of dynamite. He swallowed hard and thought, “Will the world remember me like this after I die? Do I want to be remembered as a death dealer?

“The answer was in clear words: Absolutely not. Then the next question was, “What can I do to really change all these thoughts about myself before I die? How can I rewrite my destiny?” 

And dedicate energies to the establishment of peace in the world. She created a foundation and entrusted her vast wealth to those who work and work hard for peace so that each year they can reward the most hardworking women and men from around the world. When he did die in 1896, the headlines read, “The angel who dedicated his life to world peace set out on a journey to heaven.

“There is probably someone in the world who has not heard that person’s name. The man was Alfred Nobel, who donated about ً 250 million to human welfare. From 1900 until today, the Nobel Prize in the fields of knowledge, research, and peace in the world, is called the largest award given. Not everyone is as lucky as Alfred Nobel to know what his or her inscription will look like before he or she dies. However, it is important for all of us who die that we all think about what will be written on our scroll and live. If we can change this text, it must start today. Let me make it clear once again that you don’t have to be Alfred Nobel or a millionaire to change lives around you. What you like to write in your book now depends on you

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