May 7, 2021


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What is Aurat March, when did it start and why is it held on March 8

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Awrat march
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March is going to be a march this year or not we are not talking about anyone but we do not think that the name of women’s march is celebrated in Pakistan while it is not so this is the couple from the International Women’s Day which started Pakistan I named her Awrat March.

At this time, any heart related to women in Pakistan, whether it is International Women’s Day or any other day from Islam, was not even more familiar than that. Very few young women working for it. Prepare for the march starts months ago and then on March 8 under the Women’s March in different cities of Pakistan whether it is small or big Pakistan every year in March women get to see something new and never get angry There are many kinds of works and many times what is the purpose of a lot of lipstick. In 2018 2019 20

what is not there, you will see that because of this, many schools, universities and what is there is towards its one century. We have taken a rat foundation for the next generation to see what will happen to it in the family system of Cement Pakistan. It seems that this is what we have been aiming for. The women belonging to this group have come out of their houses as a voice in March and find answers to many questions. But what about these women after leaving their homes? The answers to these questions are yes or no and what they are, it means that the woman who is very bad in March, the ones who came to her, the ones who are now, are never considered in the society.

Whether it is a movement or someone else like us and there is something to be said against it and the women’s march is also not free from this level. Because I think no one has filed a petition and you don’t have it today. The question is, is this one day a year enough to highlight women’s issues?

This year the government, courts, religious groups, and even celebrity artists let loose their views on such dictates of the Aurat March, and women from the Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamiat-Ulema-Islam and Lal Masjid even organized what they referred to as the ‘Haya (Modesty) March.’ The media circus covered it night and day. That is, until the coronavirus went global, bringing the world to a halt and reminding everyone how little control we really have over our body or its effect on others.


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