May 10, 2021


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What If You Traveled One Billion Years Into the Future?

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if you traveled 10,000 tutor would it look like would most which surface to be covered in volcanoes or would it be frozen in ice what if you travel even further 1 million years in the future with all the oceans evaporated or would it have become one by one ok now what about 1 billion years would there be

any human blood for would they have cell in other parts of the Galaxy this is there and you would happen if you travel 1 billion years into the future the changes of any human being around to read when you arrive 1 billion years in the future for celebrity existential threat to the recent it would be around 12 in US will need to ensure the more we see how much we struggle that come together just survive a global pandemic so far we have any chance to win during the tracks of Climate Change on overpopulation global nuclear war asteroids and comets Metro ice ages in the sun will look into the future and find out Justin Bieber 10000 hours from now we’re going to run into a big problem called the Deccan Millennium bug in the year 10080 software including the 80002 ke yeah it’s just like that accept removed on the Bright Side in 10000 between humans and longer be rid of skin to be evenly distributed around the world and you will have it incomplete and Honours also increased this point

I’m so much more time for activities now in $250,000 will rise above the world to form a new Island in NY and in 500 Thousand Years it likely that an asteroid with the diameter greater than 1 kilometre to hit Earth and less we can be prevented the resulting creative would be no less than 400 kilometre is a cross enough that fires all of the planet and make the year and breathable so that’s and increase that not enough in 1 million years will likely have another strong erection Vergina SQL server d200 cubic kilometres was not produce enough power to close 75% of the Grand Canyon this would be similar to the Toba Russian that are most vital Humanities 77 you will have exploded into a Supernova making it visible from earth even during the data into million a b you marry two wives elements throughout the solar system found this also means that if populations on different planets have remained separate human may have evolved into other species adapted to their specific row in 10 million for UP east and Africa breaker forming a new Ocean basin in 50 million years Africa will collide with Eurasia closing of the Mediterranean sea and undue membranes were formed between the two land masses this may include a noun taller the Mount Everest in space non book live with moon resulting in a developing A Wing system like Saturn in 60 million years the Canadian and American writers who have euro rate in thyroid in 80 million years 12 all violent below the war in 100 years and asteroids similar to the 1st of the dinosaurs 66 no in years girl will likely heard one that is 10 kilometre is why in 250 million years all of its components will be fused together like when you because then we’re also but don’t get too attached to it because in 400 to 500 years then we separate again in 500 to 600 years at gamma-ray burst through likely occur within 6500 like us to know

if it’s right it could damage the Ozone layer and trigger a maths extension 600 the moon so far from that of solar eclipses will no longer be possible and thus an increasing luminosity will have raised hepatozoon so much that it could help plate tectonics movement in 800 no in carbon dioxide dramatically and photosynthesis will no longer be possible Oxygen and Ozone will disappear from the atmosphere and complex life on earth die and finally in 1 billion years the sun will have increased by 10% and the average temperature on earth would be 47 degrees celsius hemisphere feel like a damn greenhouse in our oceans will evaporate living just forget the world at if the phone now when you are right here in The Time Machine be mentally prepared to take in a plane mirror that looks nothing the human race would be gone hopefully it’s the best life on some other because of the intense heat pack of Warren lack of breed the player will be uninhabitable information status in that you should arrive to see the rest of the solar system baby you find your fellow humans.

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