May 7, 2021


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West Bengal Politician Said We Divide India Into 4 Pakistan

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A Muslim can live the life of a poor but not of slavery. Today again after 9 years the same situation is being created in India and now there is talk of creating not one but four Pakistan. A video also tells how there is talk of creating four Pakistan in India. Pakistan gained independence from India in 1947 while death was coming.

In the coming period, death will regret why it got independence from India
Pakistan is permanent even after seventy years because thousands of martyrs have been shed in down and thousands of martyrs have been shed to keep Pakistan in these twenty years and If need be, thousands of people will continue to sacrifice their lives for the sake of this country. When Pakistan was formed in 1958,

Pakistan was a weak country when Muslims also refused to come to Pakistan and lived in India. Today, the same Muslims are regretting that I wish we also migrated to Pakistan in 1947 but now the Muslims of India have only one option What is left to get a separate country? Today, Muslims there eat beef,

so there is a fear that someone will find out and they will die. From today, after laws like this, 300 million Muslims in India will get their citizenship Is worried about whether he is a citizen of India or not and whether it will be possible for him to stay in India after that or not. Muslims are also watching everything that is happening in Kashmir. Article 370 in Kashmir After the removal, Hindus are now being resettled in Kashmir and Kashmiris’ property is being bought there and gradually the Muslims of Kashmir are being made a minority instead of a majority and if such a system is introduced in Muslim-majority areas in India The Muslims of India will lose everything.

This is the reason why when the station in India went against the Muslims, not only the children came out on the streets, but also with the Muslims. They have risen up against it and want to create a separate country which they call Khalistan because at that time Modi was a farmer I do not want to live in India and want to make a separate country. Now after that, the voices of making four Pakistanis in India are also roaring after which the Indians The shouts of the media and the government have come out.

In fact, it is election day in the Indian state of West Bengal and the party there will be competing with the BJP. If the Muslims of India have the same respect, they will show not one but four Pakistanis. Yes, friends, they will show not one but four Pakistanis because Muslims in India are close to 300 million, which is more than the total population of Pakistan.

They have risen up against the fascist government of India and are giving time to BJP and Modi that if Modi tried to bring any wrong policy then 30% of Muslims in India will also rise up and become four Pakistanis. Muslims all over the world have started hating Modi since now. Now you have the example of Bangladesh

where the Muslims there stood up. Modi played and Gomodi Google Modi slogans were put up and the tester says Modi is a killer so he is not allowed to come to Bangladesh but still Modi went to Bangladesh on the occasion of Bangladesh Independence Day and Muslims started the project as a result of which 4 to 7 Muslims lost their lives and Many were injured while Muslims have now risen up against the hockey team Hasina Wajid and it is being said that Hasina Wajid will now be removed from the PM’s chair because Hasina Wajid came to power with the votes of the people. And today for Modi who is a killer who has killed thousands of Muslims, four Muslims have been killed while also in Dhaka.


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