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We Will Not Forget-Army Public School Attack: Remembering

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The complete story of APS

On December 16, 2014, an Army Public School in the city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan was attacked by terrorists and hundreds of children were martyred in the attack. This day is now celebrated as Black Day. What happened that day

We will show you now

16 December 2014 Black day

The incident happened around ten o’clock in the morning when a friend of mine was leaving the airport and he was going to Saudi Arabia. When I returned from there, I suddenly heard gunshots. And it was as if our city had been attacked. We had our car with us. As we started moving towards Saddar Bazaar, we got the news that a school had been attacked by terrorists. At that time, there was chaos everywhere. We were stuck in a rush. Were I get out of the car and started running towards this school.
Since school was far away from me, I could not get there. And in the same hour, the helicopter came up. A large number of army vehicles were moving very fast and there was a commotion. Or I was worried that this is what is happening so I get a call from my friend and he tells me where you are. He said that he had come to know that the Army Public School had been attacked by terrorists. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Somebody started screaming. Someone said my son was in school and a woman was running and crying and she was screaming and shouting that my two sons are in school And soon after the army operation was started, this is what I saw with my own eyes.

Now the Story former Dunya News journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan.

I was present in Peshawar that day and was sitting in my studio. I got a call and that was the view of my friend who is working in a security force. He said that things are very bad. You can watch TV. now, I turned on the TV but nothing was coming on the TV at that time and when we started tracing the problem, we tried to read the scary situation.
At that time we decided that we were about to leave, so we reached outside the school around noon. At that time, the army had announced that the operation we had started was now over. First, I went to school. I have worked with the military for a long time. I know him but his body language was not good that day. He was very angry.
We had just arrived from CMH Hospital. There were 15-year-old and 16-year-old children who survived but were injured. No one had afoot, someone had two hands, someone had two bullets and someone had three.
We were very disappointed when we talked to them. And we felt that nothing could happen to this country now. Because if you have a 14-year-old boy injured I just say ask me what I want to ask I was there I got three bullets. And that’s why I’ll tell you so that these beasts know that I’m still alive, we’re still alive.
Then when we went the next morning, there was no justice. All that blood was frozen on the floor.
The school still smelled of gunpowder. That is, when the pump falls and there is firing, it has a special stench, even then it was there.
 There were bullets in every side of the school, someone’s pen was read, someone’s back was lying, someone’s glasses were lying, someone’s shoe calculator was lying everywhere.

And I can understand all this because I am also a father.
We journalists go to a place very well, report there under a plan, take pictures there, and do interviews, but this was a different matter.
The school had four doors. Terrorists entered through three doors. One door they left open and one terrorist stood there.
So that all the children of the school run towards this one door like water and kill all the children in one place. There was a lot of anger. Many children were martyred at this door.
Then when we went to the main hall of the school, we saw that they had burnt a teacher alive. This situation was probably the biggest loss in the history of the country.
Those terrorists came up with the whole plan. He was December 16th. They even used to say on the phone that they have killed so many children and how many more children are to be killed?
But they have done their job.
Do the same with the playschool seems to be a block of action force that is very close. A young man of this force jumped from the school wall and entered the school and started firing at the terrorists.
Which frightened the terrorists. They thought that perhaps a large army had come after us, so they stepped up their operations.
And they went from the main hall to the administration where the terrorists had taken many children, hostage, to the teachers and the people of the station and then started killing them. And then began to commit suicide.
The terrorists had done their job in just a few minutes. They martyred hundreds of children
And in the remaining hours, the firing started between the Pak army and the terrorists.
Then our SSG-Force came, the Zarar company force came and started fighting side by side with the Pakistan Army and started killing terrorists. And this fight lasted for hours.
At the same time, our Pakistani intelligence agencies began to hear what these terrorists were talking about, who they were talking to, who they were ordering, who they were taking orders from, and what they were reporting.
There was chaos all over Peshawar.
There was too much rush in the hospitals.
These terrorists were only nine in number. They had come from the border of Pakistan, that is, with Afghanistan. They had completed their training there. They were fully involved in Artas.
Indian political and constitutional India’s intelligence agencies were providing them with full support. Everything was given to them under a successful plan.

Terrorists who accepted APS Peshawar Attack

At present there is two terrorist Organisation in Afghanistan, one is Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and the other is Jamaat-e-Ahrar. Both these organizations are operating from India.
Both these organizations are receiving funding from India.
Is providing them with weapons. Pakistan has thwarted Indian conspiracies many times. Many Indian spices have been caught in Pakistan so far. One of them is Kalbushan Jata. Used to provide help.
I was questioned by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson Ihsanullah Ihsan when he was arrested
He himself said that India is providing help to us. If any one of our organizations falls ill later, he goes to India for treatment.
Under the pretext of treatment, they say yes to their whole process and take some information from them, give some information to them.
All the terrorist organizations not only in Pakistan but in the whole of Asia are made up of India.
India is funding all terrorist organizations so that there will be unrest all over Asia, people will die, and our bullying will continue.
All these things have been said by the spokesperson of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Ihsanullah Ihsan in the Peshawar High Court and he has also said these things to the intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

Maira Tahir & Tahir Awan Parents of Martyred Usama Tahir Awan (Story)

Tariq awan

That day there was an errie, resultness, silence, lingering since nightfall.
His Brother
Usually the school gate would closed by 8 o clock, but that it remain open we reached at 10 past 8.
The first aid training is usually for second-year students.
But they had assembled half a dozen section each of grades 8, 9 and 10 there.
His father
My nephews were searching in different hospitals, and I went to lady reading hospital. Once there, I searched the casualties department, the ICU, neuro ICU everywhere. Whenever I would lift the cloth from any of the dead bodies, I would see the face of Usama.

Muhammad Iqbal Father of Martyred Hamyoun Iqbal (Story)

That staring of the day, he was praying so I said: hurry you need to have your breakfast and change your clothes as well, so he replied and told me to go.
There is a park near the school. When I reached there, I  saw that the army was stopping people from going any further. They weren’t even letting us go near the school.
I thought that he would have suffered a minor injury; on his foot or his hand. Little did we know, those who left on their own feet in the morning would return being bored on someone else’s shoulders. (Crying) He was shot in the head.

Mother of Shaheed Muhhamad Ali khan (Story)

He was reciting the Holy Quran. I told him he is getting late but he said: No Mother, just one more page left.
Finally, at 3:30 PM, I found his dead body. You can imagine the mother whose lift he was. It was he who breathed, but I who lived. When I saw his dead body, I lost my vision. (Crying) I lost my hearing. Believe me, for three days I could neither see nor hear anything.

Mehvish Tariq Elder sister of Martyred Shameel Tariq and Namgyal Tariq (Story)

Nangyal bros

I called out to him from behind and told him that Shameel, you yourseld not getting up and are telling you brother to wake up!
So he replied that: Sister yyou don’t know, I get ready in just five mintues.
Their mother say that. I dressed him up hurriedly and put on his shoes in such a way that half of his feet were sticking out.
His brother.
All of brothers studied at the same school. So in the morning we wore our uniforms, picked our bages, bade our father to Goodbye and left for school.
All three of us brothers together decided that on where we meeting during at the break time.
We’re told one of us that he bring Samoosas while we’d be setting right there.
My younger brother Nangyal came to me and said that there is something going on at the hall, and wanted me to accompany him. I told him to go on as I’ll join after completing my work.
I told my father that both my brothers, Nangyal and Shamowail, have been martyred. My father’s patience is so strong that he said nothing. He didn’t scream, nor did he cry. He just recited a prayer instead.
Even now, as I am here, I can sense their presence around somewhere. They are around me somewhere. Even when they were alive, neither of them left me alone for a moment. We used to go everywhere and do everything together.. They never left me. Even now, they mustn’t be very far. They must be around me. They’re still near me. And when I get upset, they come in my dreams, and reassure me that they’re near me. They tell me to give comfort and hoppe to others. You have to shoulder the responsibility for everyone now.
With the will of Almighty ALLAH, we will make our martyred brothers proud. And I will complete my education from this very school.

Rasheed Ahmad khan bangash father of Martyred Baqir Ali khan bangash (Story)

m. ali khan

Normally, he would avoid wearing a coat when I would ask him to. But on 1 of December, on my request, he wore it without any hesitation.
His Brother.
This was the first time for us so I thought maybe this was some sort of drill going on. But after five minutes, the firing intensified.
In such situations, everyone is scared. All of us were sitting, frightened. The teacher was scared too but was doing their best to calm us.

Arbab Habib Ullah Khan elder brother of Martyred Saqib Ullah Khan (Story)

arbab sadiq ullah

There are two wings beyond the entrance: the collage wing and the school wing.
And he was entering from the school wing while I am entering from the college wing.
So my brother said to me, “Dear brother today, take with me the rout which I usually take,”
I myself am a Proctor, but even so, was unaware of why we were being called there.
After that, all of us entered the hall.
As I entered the hall, I saw an artificial human body placed for the purpose of first aid tips. Different apparatus was also set in place for it.
Suddenly gunshots noises started coming from the backside of the hall.
There are some people trying to forcibly open the door, and firing from the other side.
He was wearing white clothes with a black jacket. His face was partially covered.
they opened fire in all directions. Everywhere in the hall. Two of them were also arguing with each other. All my friends, my brother, everyone was martyred in the cruelest manner by those savages,
They were passing through the row one by one. Some who were lucky managed to escape. The rest were brutally murdered.
I had been shot in the foot at that time but was unaware of it. I was searching for my brother.
I started running towards the XI Crops headquarters located outside the building. Upon reaching there I told the army officers that my brothers are inside along with many other children, who are slowly getting martyred and need to be rescued.
The first army car to arrive was the one taking rounds. They quickly grabbed their ammunition and hastened to enter the school. After thisi went and informed XI Crops commander of the situation who then made some calls. But I knoe in my heart that by 11:0 PM, every child hiding or trying to escape the vicinity had been martyred by those men.

Andaleep Aftab Teacher and Mother of Martyred Huzaifa Aftab (Story)

Huzaifa aftab

My child came to meet me 4-5 mint earlier. He calls me outside the staffroom, demanding some pocket money.
Jokingly; I told him off, “I saw you taking it from your father in the parking lot”
He looked at me laughing as he went away.
At the stating of the gunshots. Shafeeq came running out of the admin block and said to me, “Madam there is fighting nearby!”
streams of blood were running from the children…
So many children were running. Among them was the army instructor… the medical instructor. But I still couldn’t figure out that this was taking place inside the auditorium. Because I had received instructions that maybe they are firing from the rooftops, I kept thinking that the students who are running are being shot from above.
We closed all the doors. There were three people inside and the fourth, a teacher who fled from the hall. It was when we looked at her socks did we realize that she had stepped into a pool of blood.
At this point, Huzefa shed a tear out of immense pain. And then they shot him in the temple.
The first blast happened, then the second, and then the third blast. The shock of the third blast unhinged the door in front of us
When I entered to the hospital, many people recognized me as someone from college. They started asking me to help identify the children, so they could be returned to their parents. (Crying) I identified many children there.
Before leaving for school, I habitually prepared three lunch boxes and water bottles and put them on the table. Before leaving, I turned around to find one lunch box and water bottle still lying there. Then I asked myself, why do you give yourself false hope? Who did you make this for? I had no answer to the question that despite the passage of four months, why do I keep forgetting that I no longer need to make a third lunch box.

Ahsan Ilahi Student of APS Peshawar

On third period maths, was ongoing, and it was around 10-10:15 AM when our PT Teacher came and took us to the hell.
It was Around 10:30 AM when we got seated in the hall.
The hall became quiet due to the fear. That’s when we heard approaching footsteps on the stairs.
One of them was clean shaved. Another had slight facial hair and another a very long beard.
After getting on the stage, they started telling people. That this is your last time, your end, recite the Kalma….This is the end, recite the Kalma!
There were two more students behind me at the door. They got hit in the head by bullets and fell.
All of us ducked. They martyred one of my friends right in front of me.
while simultaneously loadng their guns.
My class is close to the hall so I saw children fleeing and a couple of them fall outside my classroom.
Someone was shouting “Mother…. Father…. Why are they killing us? What have we done? Everyone was screaming….
I was hit by three bullets. One in my chest, one in my arm and one on my hand.
After I got hit, I kept lying down in hall for 20-25 minutes. After that, while they were reloading, I escaped from there with my friend. I ran and behind a water cooler.

Afsha Teacher of Army Public School.

All of us were in our classes when one of our teacher came to tell us that we had to take the students to the Auditorium. Sowe led them to the Auditorium where a first-aid training session was being held.

Shahid Amin Brother of Martyred teacher Hajra Shareef (Story)


I had talked to my sister and she had not mentioned any doctor, who turned out to be a major, coming over to give a presentation.
On what basis were the two teachers, Tahira Qazi and Saima Tariq, awarded the medal of valor? They were martyred in the compound. My sister was even a teacher. Why was my sister awarded this medal?

Javed Hassan Director Students affairs Army Public Scool Peshawar.

Before the first Aid lecture,, our Islamiat Teacher, Mr. Saeed, recounted to the children the virtues of prayers and remembrance.
So before martyrdom, these children had recited the Darood Shareef and Third Article of ISLAM.
At Starting. We could not ascertain whether the firing was from inside the college or outside.


My longing comes to my lips as a supplication of mine…
My longing comes to my lips as a supplication of mine…

O ALLAH, may like the candle be this life of mine…
O ALLAH, may like the candle be this life of mine…

Be gone may the world’s darkness be through my being…
Be gone may the world’s darkness be trough my being…

May every place light up with the sparkling light of mine…
May every place light up with the sparkling light of mine…

Through my being, let my homeland attain beauty and elegance…
Through my being, let my homeland attain beauty and elegance…

The way, through a flower, a garden attain beauty and elegance…

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