May 7, 2021


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Uzbekistan Get Access to Gawadar | Pakistan Uzbekistan |

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Pakistan has given Pakistan access to the port of Gwadar. Its President has invited Prime Minister Imran Khan to attend the Central Asian and South Asian Liaison Conference to increase his access to the ports of Gwadar and Karachi. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday called on Foreign Minister Abdul Aziz to invite all Central Asian republics to use Pakistan for access to international seas. He said that Central Asia could help Pakistan as a way forward.

He vowed to build closer ties with trade, investment, and Central Asian countries, praising the Quranic project between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Urging Pakistan to support all efforts to achieve and complete it as soon as possible, Prime Minister Imran Khan has extended his heartfelt invitation to visit Pakistan with full participation. And Wazi, pointing to the cultural tradition

Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed that Pakistan values ​​its close fraternal relations with Uzbekistan and deeply establishes bilateral cooperation in all fields for further development. That the development of any development is the basis of trade and regional connectivity between South Asia emphasizes that it depends on a peaceful resolution of the long-standing unresolved dispute and the eunuch festival you just thank me from the bottom of my heart.

The message and greetings were conveyed to Imran Khan and Uzbekistan reiterated his commitment to enhancing bilateral cooperation with Pakistan in various fields or whether he is not here in Pakistan today to clean the gate of the express. Not just learning according to today’s environment, this hadith addresses and the coronavirus in them can live up to 29 days, explains ISPR


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