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June 23, 2021


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USA Territorial Waters Abused! US Ships Takes Russian Ships into Missile Range!

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Russia Ship

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The u.s pacific fleet and the russian surveillance ship faced off at the hawaiian territorial border the point where the russian surveillance ship operates on the hawaiian coast is close to an important missile range for the united states causing a red alert by the u.s navy.

the russian surveillance ship could not escape from the grip of the u.s navy during its operations the russians are not the us’s only problem in the pacific it continues its activities in the pacific ocean china with the russians on the usa on the other hand there are various statements.

such as the expansion of the defense line by the usa in addition it was announced that the meeting requests from the usa were rejected by china the u.s pacific fleet is closely tracking a russian navy surveillance ship which has been operating off the coast of hawaii near a crucial american missile range.

the u.s naval institute usni reported that the vessel off the coast of kauai for the last few days was the russian navy vishnia class auxiliary general intelligence a gi ship carolia the ship is operating just outside of u.s territorial waters 13 nautical miles west of the island we should give you in a little information about this situation international waters start at 12 nautical miles from a sovereign coastline in the light of this information russians are very close to usa navy border.

The US pacific fleet spokesman capped john gay said in a statement that the u.s navy was aware of the russian vessel operating in international waters in the vicinity of hawaii adding that it would continue to track it through the duration of its time here maritime patrol aircraft surfaceships and joint capabilities can closely monitor all vessels in the indo-pacific area of operations set gay did not mention the ship’s name.

USA, Russia, China Ships

the ship had not been broadcasting an automatic identification system ice signal usni reported but it had been operating within international law and is not believed to pose a navigation danger caralia is among seven russian navy agis that specialize in signals intelligence operation are common among rival navies and involve an adversary’s transmissions being intercepted and deciphered commissioned in 1986.

the vessel was repaired and upgraded between 2014 and 2017 before it returned to russia’s pacific fleet the fleet is based in the port city of vladivostok to local russian television station vestaprine the us navy’s observation of the russian vessel comes as tensions between moscow and washington dc continue to mount it also follows a number of escort missions by russian mig-31 fighter jets of u.s reconnaissance aircraft

over the pacific ocean in russia’s far east chinese defense ministry press briefing on thursday spokesperson tan cafe said the biden administration’s indo-pacific strategy intentionally hypes up conflict and confrontation by encouraging military alliances and clicks clique is often used by beijing to identify the quadrilateral security dialogue a coalition between the u.s japan india and australia four influential powers spanning.

the indian and pacific oceans u.s defense official told that the pentagon was looking to establish more defense hotlines with china in order to decrease risk between the two militaries which are frequently meeting in the south china sea taiwan strait and western pacific the biden administration wants to create multiple avenues to communicate with beijing to manage the growing strategic competition between the two powers and prevent the onset of a potential conflict beijing has rebuffed the pentagon’s requests for talks between china’s top officer and

the new us defense secretary complicating bilateral relations at a time of heightened tensions between the world’s two most powerful militaries lloyd austin u.s defense secretary has three requests to speak to general shu kilion vice chair of the central military commission and a politburo member who is china’s most senior military officer china has refused to engage according to three people briefed on the impasse

US officials have said that they do not want to hold high-level meetings with china just for the sake of it particularly after the country’s top foreign policy officials engaged in a public diplomatic spat in alaska in march but the biden administration thinks it is important for austin to talk to shu because of the rising tensions in the indo-pacific the two militaries are increasingly coming into closer contact particularly in the south china sea as chinese navy and air force conduct aggressive activity near taiwan.

the chinese military has not been responsive a u.s defense official told the financial times about the requests for a call between austin and shu in addition to the standoff over austin’s request general mark milley chairman of the joint chiefs of staff has not talked to his counterparts since early january before joe biden was sworn in according to a second official since biden has taken office the countries have sparred over everything from the repression of uyghurs in xinjiang to china’s military activity around taiwan china has attacked the us as an imperial power china

flew a record number of fighters and bombers into taiwan’s air defense identification zone in march hours after a u.s official told the ft that president xi jinping was flirting with trying to seize taiwan while some experts think the threat is less severe many view taiwan as a dangerous hot spot earlier this year chinese warplanes simulated missile attacks on the uss theodore roosevelt aircraft carrier near taiwan china has also been assertive around the disputed senkaku in the east china sea that are administered by japan

but claimed by beijing austin had planned to travel to singapore in june for the shangri-la defense forum which chinese defense minister wei feng was expected to attend the event was cancelled this week over covet 19 concerns the u.s defense officials said there had been discussion about a meeting with away in singapore but he said austin the fourth-ranking u.s cabinet member opted against a meeting in favor of pushing for a call with shu who outranks wei in the chinese political and military system

we believe the appropriate counterpart is the vice chair of the central commission the u.s official said jim mattis met shu in beijing in 2018 when he was secretary under president donald trump but china almost always offers up its defense minister instead this has increasingly frustrated the us because he has little power in the chinese system and does not serve on the 25 member politburo that rules china.

the white house is split over how austin should handle the situation some national security council officials are opposed to austin dealing with whey another group are less resistant but want austin to use any meeting or call to tell way that he would only hold talks with the cmc vice chair the nsc declined to comment the first defense official confirmed that there had been divisions but declined to provide any details the chinese embassy in washington did not respond to a request for comment bonnie glazer.

A china expert at the german marshall fund said it was important for the pentagon to be able to engage with real military decision makers and pointed out that the cmc exercises command authority over the pla to address growing us concerns about china’s military operations and risk reduction measures to avoid collisions between us and chinese forces that are operating in close proximity the focus should be on the cmc she said while some officials and experts said austin should insist on talking to shu others said.

it was important that the us open a line of communication with the chinese military even if beijing continued to stonewall over arranging a call with the cmc vice chair high a former pentagon asia official who spent years as a defense attache in china said it had always been challenging agreeing protocol for meetings with china due to the different structures of the two militaries given the situation with taiwan and other issues such as the east china sea and south china sea as well as attempted chinese coercion of our key allies and partners such as australia it is important to have clear communication klink said we need to be conveying to the chinese what our own red lines are because they convey theirs.

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