May 18, 2021


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United Nations Said Coal Power Projects Should Close Now

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on the Group of Seven developed countries to announce their plans to end power generation in the absence of a summit in June, according to the country’s news agency. The meeting was organized by an organization promoting the elimination of power generation from coal and the transition to environmentally friendly energy. He reiterated that steps have been taken by governments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Promises that spending by 2030 is lower than the target of a 20 percent reduction compared to 2010.

He said that the elimination of coal conditions in the power generation sector is the only necessary step to achieve this goal. At the summit in the UK as much as possible, pledges were made to pave the way for the gradual elimination of the use of coal. The owner was even asked to provide international funding for the construction of coal-fired power plants, especially in developing countries.

It should also be noted that under C-Pack, most of the electricity bills in Pakistan will be The Prime Minister recently canceled a project that was supposed to generate electricity from coal. Pakistan has also confirmed that Pakistan will also be built from coal. The existing projects have not been implemented while the plots that have been completed will also be gradually shifted to it.

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