May 18, 2021


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United Nations Message For India France Like Countries

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Some countries have expressed concern over the targeting of Muslims in response to actions taken against Christians in the name of Islam, according to international news agencies. It has been observed that some countries are harassing Muslims by creating a negative image of Islam, which threatens the safety of lives and property of Muslims living in those countries where discrimination, hostility and violence against Muslims in Gaya Has been declared permanent and legitimate.

A fictitious wall has been erected against Muslims in these countries, violating the human rights of Muslims living in these countries and turning a blind eye to the state. Terrorism in the United States and a lot of damage done in the name of Islam is seen as a minority in the country is a violation of the ban on the face mask is a violation of the views expressed by the head of the international women’s rights serial There will be a ban on the veil for Muslim women in our country In the context of the public referendum, did they say that the application of this ban would affect women in particular? If we want to respect other women, we must give parents the right to decide what they want to wear.

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