May 18, 2021


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Ukrainian President looking to Turkey for Help Against Russia

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The massive movement of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border has sounded the alarm. NATO members have arrived in the eastern part of Ukraine. Russian troops have arrived on the border, along with heavy artillery and other modern weapons. To escape the Russian onslaught,

the Ukrainian president has arrived in Istanbul, where he has met with President Erdogan. The media was kept away from the meeting, but a statement from his office said: Cooperation in various fields between the two countries was discussed.

The two leaders discussed the regional and international law and order situation in the agenda of the talks. Prior to his arrival, the President of the region stressed the need to resolve the issue at the diplomatic level.

The return of the two countries has increased the risk of a confrontation between the two countries. The rights of the language-speaking community are being violated and Russia can invade Ukraine at any time.

His defense minister said that Karim has made a political decision to invade Ukraine and the army will invade Ukraine. He expressed concern over the large-scale movement of Russian troops on the border but said that light skirmishes were taking place between the two countries’ forces.

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