May 18, 2021


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Twitter Facebook suspended account’s who’s raised Voice of kashmir

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Pakistan and Muslim Ummah aims to fight Islamophobia via Quran education
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India is killing people of Kashmir with so much brutality and insanely across both sides of borders. This thing is showing the true face of India.

If anybody talking about the right of Kashmir for self-determination from any corner of the world their account will be blocked on social media.

And the RSS lobby has completely supported by the western world. nobody wants to getting attention to Kashmir. The BJP Modi the ideology of RSS forcedly locked the Kashmiri’s in their homes. the Indian army brutality is at peek now. they using pallet guns at children’s women’s. there are 14 fourteen thousand boys were picked up. Their parents don’t know where his children kidnapped.

What is the difference between the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of Rock (Al-Sakhrah)?

Why was the German Army so Effective in World War 2?

The US is among the worst countries for racial equality

Israel-Gaza conflict: Biden finally join calls for a ceasefire as civilian death toll rises

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