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June 23, 2021


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Twitter, Facebook may face ban in India from May 26, What we know?

3 min read
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Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

Tensions have been high between the Indian government and the US social media giant after Twitter earlier this year reversed its blocking of a number of accounts critical of New Delhi’s new agriculture laws following a request from authorities.

An Indian climate activist was arrested in February after allegedly helping to create a guide to farmer protests against the laws that was tweeted by environmentalist Greta Thunberg.

It is intriguing to note that the Congress party believes only states where it is in power are ‘fair’. It appears the party believes that only states it controls are neutral and a state becomes unfair the minute some other party is in government. It is remarkable hypocrisy on the part of the party.

Meanwhile, senior leader of the Congress party, Randeep Surjewala, has written another letter to Twitter over the toolkit and has urged the platform to take action against Union Ministers, in direct contravention of established norm.

Amusingly, in their haste to belittle the Modi Government, these ‘well-read intellectuals’ forgot to verify the authenticity of the Twitter account before sharing the post.

The account from which the information regarding Twitter stopping its operation in India was posted went by the username, @ANINewslndia where they had used ‘l’ in place of capital I. News Agency ANI, on the other hand, goes by the username, @ANI. Moreover, the official account of ANI is a verified account with a blue tick on its portfolio, while this fake account, which has now been deleted, did not have a blue tick.

Police in India are investigating Twitter, after the social media giant tagged a post by a ruling party spokesman as ‘manipulated media.’ On Monday, police attempted to serve a notice to Twitter in connection with the case.

A few days back, a ruling party spokesman shared a document, purportedly prepared by the opposition Congress party highlighting the government’s failures in its handling of the second wave of India’s coronavirus pandemic. The Congress said the document was fake, following which Twitter attached the ‘manipulated media’ label to the Tweet.

Police soon received a complaint about that categorization. It isn’t the only instance of the government being sensitive to what’s posted on Twitter.

Last month, the government asked the platform to take down some 50 odd tweets critical of Prime Minister Modi’s handling of the pandemic.

And a few days back it ordered all social media companies to remove references to the term ‘Indian variant’ when it came to describing the B 1617 coronavirus variant prevalent in India. The government said the term was false and amounted to social media misinformation.

Meanwhile Delhi police on Monday said they had received a complaint about how Mr Patra’s tweet was classified and thus carried out the visit to Twitter.

Delhi police say the visit was part of the investigation in order to serve notice to the companys managing director.

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