May 7, 2021


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Turkish president’s latest gamble, not the right way to tackle economic challenges

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Turkey president recently replaced the country 1 meter in an ever-evolving crisis was going on Emily how to learn easier with the guidance she is Tripura’s senior the Middle East and North Africa and Restaurant thank you what is coming on which Talkies Academy shuffle the invention

it is really important is it is topic on Mike this is really important for Turkey because they were going on right now inflation ab to apply firing at the Central Bank of an hour after hearing the process will be less than 5 months I am so she’s found this factor into and out of the question for OK what does this mean for looking forward and is there going to be economy into this is a going to have the stabilizing effect that everyone what’s the initial impact of this milk negative market reaction ok Istanbul Stock Exchange loss in stocks that state license but I think the economic impact depends on what this new team does why did advantage after Hero pen Aravaan is Chris Brown doesn’t have an unconventional belief that interferes with actually cause inflammation 20s suffering through API inflation right now and I believe that there are actually want to the driver arrested at other than a total email

So this is where will be present on the solution for the bank will likely lower rates any hopes that going to grow and it was unclear if the weather is hoping I can just hold an unorthodox belief that affects interest rates, inflation Undertaker, big breast reasons why this is this was the result of Governor in Turkey Independence as my phone and just want to see that’s going to temple influence that needs country life significant free working texture I am in the nearest Jasmine forget it leave it in Turkey queer every the system that is something that is playing very popular with the opposition parties of which there are many there are elections coming in 2020 free M30 with yes touch to your the way but not so already had warned and his staff know 30 or receiving a lot of attacks in the first and then the work of sphere by over party in 2023

it possible that there is no need for motivation advance decisions it’s important to know blooming Corian right now in mm amid a broker in economic growth relievers table through economic benefit to a lot of across social classes and she is the reason why invest and why he remained popular in Turkey among his base and I think that around what are the economic growth made him so powerful the problem is the fundamentals of a global and different now than ever in 2000 and so this high inflation you see me so just coming unasserted groups by using if you see monitor easing and lower interest rates in the weather around for B.Sc not necessarily going to impact that I would have had in the early 2000 so I think the water storage solutions going on OK

How does it was maintained but awesome maximize it came to the 2020 elections how to do kind of sound like those of the temperature at happy birthday and one of the ways I think you’re into the economic growth in the way that AC set coaching for coming up send me the way for the next Safa Bank earrings and where is the mean ismein watching what happens if interest rates is an immediate impact on the topic will impact it’s not a factor ki I think also moving forward is its Hero error trying to find the right way to challenge the opposition parties that are talking for making with an economic and financial decision but if it possible that he was enough of a popular place that he could perform well in the selections it possible for election and not something that would Tere scheme on advanced on some of the following have indicated in economics activating my car is and and and action things funny and we have to an extra person you the Middle East and North Africa and listed brain.


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