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India's migrant workforce 2 min read

When the primary COVID-19 wave hit India, many migrant workers lost their jobs. Strict lockdowns…

Drone Attacks 3 min read

Iran-backed militants continue to increase their attacks on Yemen, which is stuck in this devil…

Turkey 12 min read

this is istanbul it’s the largest city in the world with territory on two continents…

Ethiopia 2 min read

Ethiopians are voting in national elections on Monday. it is a day of reckoning for…

Where is Kurdistan 7 min read

The Kurds are one in every of the indigenous peoples of the Mesopotamian plains and therefore the highlands in what’s now…

June 23, 2021


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Turkish Historical Movie Türkler Geliyor(Turks Are Coming: The Sword Of Justice)Full Movie With Urdu Subtitles

2 min read

The big wolf got me’ You can’t run away from me Mother! Mother’ Mother’ Let him go’ Stop’ Take them into the cart ther I am going to burn them alive to entertain Lazar May the fire you put into our hearts be your hell. You dastard’ Dastards’ ” Ql fl 11V! P (Ql fl 11VIP ‘QlflllVIW Q a sepette /o30’a varan indirim App Store’dan IcPlay    AppGallcry App Store dan    GoogiePtay AppGallery ALI$VERI$E BA$LA App Store dan Google Play AppGaUery Give him to me I won’t let anyone take you. Don’t worry Move! Kill her! Nooo! Don’t’ Soldiers! Form the line’ Shields up Ya Allah! Alps attack* (The Ever-Living) (The Ever-Living) Xpn Ain qi Qiin ‘qHiw 00, 00* * Who are you7 The Sword of Justice’ Let her go! Sister’ Don’t get any closer or she dies. for the We are here because we can imagine Kill her. I don’t care. You are all dastards! Chieftain Such cruel men you are All you care about is the war booty. Don’t you know that the war booty is the most important thing in the world, Alma7 Don’t you know that the war booty |s the most important thing in the world, Alma7 ou kno We didn’t just appear here. Who are you? What are you doing here7 the conqueror of the lands and the seas. Our Sultan said From now on, the Bosniacs, the beautiful people of the Balkans don’t have to abandon their home.” They won’t be persecuted Because their enemies are also Sultan Mehmed Han’s enemies urts them needs t he also hurts me The whole world needs to know that my blood, my power and my sword will stop the tyrants.” Send greetings to your Sultan from us, the Bogomils We are waiting the conqueror of the world to come to our lands we will c Turan brother Does it hurt? Looks like it hurts. Next time be careful, you may lose your head. t mess with lUBjni They are sending me away from my father’s lands as if I am a slave r father did for your good, Princess Maria r father did for your good, Princess Maria What about you, Karadic?

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Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi All Episodes In Urdu Subtitle

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