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June 22, 2021


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Turkey Blocked NATO’s Reaction Against Belarus Hijack a Plane

8 min read
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Image by Military_Material from Pixabay

Many countries, notably the United States and European Union countries, react to Belarus’ detention of a dissident journalist in front of the international public. After Belarus forcibly landed the plane, the alliance countries called on NATO to intervene.

At such a time, any information leaking backstage caused a shock. Speaking to the Washington Post, two diplomats claimed that Turkey blocked NATO’s move to Belarus. So if this is true,

why would Turkey have done such a thing?

And what is happening between Turkey and NATO? In fact, the answer to this is also hidden in Turkey’s relations with its NATO allies. Let’s examine the allegations about the meeting in NATO and the reason for Turkey’s veto. A striking claim came from the US press while the European Union countries were discussing the sanction options against Belarus.

While the Washington Post wrote that NATO received a weak reaction to Belarus’s move, the two diplomats evaluated behind the scenes of the process. “NATO’s relatively quiet response shows that Lukashenko has some influential friends and is not completely isolated,” the Washington Post said.

Turkey said that NATO used its power to veto practical moves against the Minsk administration, two diplomats who did not want to announce their names due to the confidentiality of the talks ”gave his statement. So why might Turkey oppose this decision and what is happening between NATO and Turkey? To understand the reason, we need to go back a bit and take a closer look at the arms sale dispute between Turkey and its NATO allies. Since 2000, Turkey has been trying to make joint production and technology transfer agreements instead of ready-made purchases in weapon technology from NATO allies in order to reduce foreign dependency in the defense industry.

However, as we have seen in the recent Patriot and S-400 preference, NATO allies do not want to sell these systems under the conditions Turkey wants. Trump, the former president of the USA, also stated that the decisions taken by the USA forced Turkey to buy the S-400 air defense system from Russia. Donald Trump When Turkey tried to buy patriots from the USA, they bought S-400 from Russia because it was not sold.

They needed this to defend themselves, and we had to provide it. He had made the explanation. The relationship of this situation with Belarus is related to the tactical ballistic missile that Turkey has developed in recent years. The situation experienced in the Air Defense systems was also experienced during the Ballistic Missile development process ofTurkey.

NATO allies were reluctant to sell the systems it needed to Turkey. Despite this, although Turkey succeeded in its own tactical ballistic missile BORA, this time the problem of trucks that would carry the launch pad emerged.

Here, Turkey is buying the truck from Belarus to deploy these ballistic BORA missiles it has developed, and the defense industry relations that started here continue to develop. This is probably why Turkey prevented a NATO decision that would annoy Belarus, its defense industry partner.

It should not be forgotten that although Turkey has independent relations with non-NATO countries, it assumes important roles in alliance with its powerful army. Poland’s Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, who bought the Bayraktar armed drone from Turkey this week, praised the Turkish army in a program he attended on Polish state television. Retired Admiral Outzen from the USA also evaluated Turkey’s position in NATO.

After briefly talking about the Bora missile and the BelarusTurkey agreements, we will continue our analysis. The Bora is a short-range tactical ballistic missile made in Turkey. The missile was developed by Roketsan and entered service in 2017.

It is INS and GPS guided and transported by Belarus-made MZKT-7909 8×8 truck.

The export version is known as Kaan and a longer range variant Bora-2 under development. The Bora missile was used for the first time in the real operating environment within the scope of Operation Claw, which was launched by the Turkish Armed Forces in the North of Iraq on 28 May 2019.

All deliveries to the Turkish Armed Forces have been completed on 31 December 2020. It is thought that more than 300 were delivered, although it is not known how much was delivered. Regarding Turkey and Belarus rapprochement, the last one was T.C. An agreement covering cooperation in various fields was signed between the Presidency of Defense Industry and Belarus Defense Industry Presidency.

Regarding the subject, T.C. In the statement made by the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency, “At the meeting held with the participation of President İsmail DEMİR and Belarus Defense Industry Minister Dmitry Pantus, cooperation agreements were signed between the two countries in various fields.” statements were included. Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Belarus, which are increasing their cooperation in the defense industry day by day, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for defense industry cooperation on 16.04.2019.

Such disagreements between Turkey and some of its NATO allies can cause questioning of Turkey’s presence in NATO. This was discussed a lot, especially during the process when Turkey bought the S-400 Air Defense System from Russia. However, many experts still argue that Turkey has an indispensable place in NATO. Evaluating Turkey’s position in NATO, Retired US Admiral Outzen:

Although there are still opinions in Washingtonthat Turkey is weak in the region, I think Turkey has increased its power in the region.””Although NATO did not protect Turkey’s interests, Turkey is not expected to leave NATO and there is no mechanism to push Turkey out of the union.”

He made his comment. Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak stated that Turkish F16s will start to serve in Poland very soon, and that the Turkish army is the second largest army in NATO equipped with modern equipment. In the program, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, who also evaluated the visit of Polish President Andrzej Duda to Turkey earlier this week, said that F-16 fighter planes of the Turkish Air Force will soon be at the air base in Malbork, Poland for the Air Policing mission carried out under NATO.

said it would be deployed. Stating that they are in solidarity with the allies who will show solidarity with them when they need support as Poland, Blaszczak said, “We have a rapprochement with Turkey on joint education and deterrence because our cooperation serves to deter potential attackers.

Stating that Turkish F-16s will also come to Malbork within the scope of the solidarity between the two countries, Blaszczak said, “We are active in NATO and it should be underlined that the Turkish army is the 2nd largest army of the NATO alliance in terms of numbers and this army is equipped with modern equipment. army ”he said in the form. The Polish Minister stated that the cooperation between the two countries is in the interest of both Poland’s security, Turkey and NATO’s eastern flank.

While Blaszczak does not provide information on the number of Turkish F-16s to be deployed at Malbork Airbase, the mission, which is expected to begin in the coming days, is expected to continue until September 2021. Turkey has also made important contributions to NATO’s Afghanistan mission, which is about to come to an end.

After US President Joe Biden announced on July 4th that he will withdraw troops from Afghanistan, there are moving moments n the region. In the special report of the Wall Street Journal, was revealed that Turkey was on the agenda of withdrawing its troops from the region and other countries were disturbed by this situation.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the officials revealed that Turkey also told the US and NATO to withdraw ts existing forces in the region. Speaking to the newspaper, US officials announced that was planning to withdraw its troops guarding Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul during the process of leaving the country they planned to train until July 4.

Speaking to the newspaper, the officials said that they demanded European countries to delay the process of leaving the USA, and said, “Another problem is that Turkey, which has undertaken the protection of the airport in Kabul for years, is planning to attract its troops to the USA and NATO”.

The newspaper wrote that Turkey’s step in not ensuring the security of the airport disturbed many Western countries and they did not want the diplomatic representations and embassies in the country to remain open in a scenario where Turkey was not present. It was also stated that about 20 countries in the US-led NATO coalition called the United States “we entered together, we must go out together”.

The Wall Street Journal said, “If Turkey leaves the region, the diplomatic missions of Western countries will also review their decision to leave diplomats in the country, albeit a small number. “Ensuring the security of the airport with international parties is an option, but it seems unlikely that they will stay in an area where the security cannot be provided by the soldiers.” Speaking to the newspaper, a US official said, “Our goal is the beginning of July, but there are many factors in this process.

“We will support our European allies,” he said. While an EU diplomat said that many countries, including Germany, called for delaying your departure to the US, the NATO official said to the newspaper, “Leaving the region will be organized, coordinated and problem-free. “The safety of our soldiers is our top priority,” he said. However, preparations for sanctions against belaris continue in the European Union and Germany. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas did not deny sanctions for gas transit through Belarus.

He reported that he was preparing for sanctions. Borrell said a new individual EU sanctions package for Belarus is almost ready.

New details continue to emerge about Belarus’ forced landing of the passenger plane. Purported bomb threat Belarus cited in plane interception was sent after flight diverted, provider says. email cited by Belarusian authorities containing a purported in-flight bomb threat was sent after a plane was diverted to Minsk with a prominent Belarus opposition aboard, Swiss email provider ProtonMail said Thursday, further challenging the Belarusian regime’s version of events.

The interception of the Ryanair flight Sunday traveling from Athens to Vilnius, Lithuania, has brought international condemnation and new sanctions from the European Union, which has dismissed Belarus’s bomb scare explanation for rerouting the plane.

European leaders and opposition activists have said the entire incident was orchestrated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to arrest 26-year-old Roman Protasevich, a journalist on board who had been in self-exile but now faces 15 years in prison in Belarus.

So what do you think about Turkey’s allegations that it refuses NATO’s joint statement against Belarus?

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