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June 23, 2021


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Tigrayan soldiers in Sudan refuse to be repatriated to their home country

3 min read
Sudan refuse

This is going to be part of today’s home for the foreseeable future an Ethiopian military officer from the Tigray region he was part of a hybrid African union united nations peacekeeping mission in Sudan’s western region of Darfur he’s now an asylum seeker in the eastern state of ghadariff near the border with his home country Ethiopia refusing to be repatriated back home because of the conflict in the Tigre region

Judy Gibremedhim an Ethiopian Soldier said to many so many problems we hearing or listen by social media or and also we call to our family is not good because they are killing from the children of to the other people so we are regarding to this we are opposed we cannot good in our country fighting integrity started in early November between the government and the region the great people’s liberation front

it’s killed thousands and displaced more than a million internally more than 63 000 refugees have fled to neighboring sudan seeking refuge now the grants who are part of the Ethiopian military have joined the list of those seeking safety

Ashenafi an Ethiopian military said that

if I go back to Ethiopia I came from a special force I’m special force he killed me immediately my brothers killed my father’s kill I’m only the one you know now I don’t have any family now my family is here unhcr now it’s my family you know down for me I don’t want you to go back again 120 ethnic ticker and peacekeepers who were part of the peacekeeping mission in Darfur have sought asylum but they’re not the only ones refusing to return home in february more than a dozen tigarians

who were part of the un peacekeeping mission in south Sudan have also refused to return ethiopia contributes a large number of troops to un peacekeeping forces in the early days of the conflict the union revealed to grand peacekeepers were repatriated back to Ethiopia but had concerns for their safety?

Hiba Morgan

since then there have been reports of human rights atrocities and ethnic cleansing against the grains rights groups report that government forces as well as eritrean soldiers fighting alongside ethiopia have targeted many integrity because of their ethnicity and that sexual violence is used as a weapon of war in the conflict ethiopia’s government has denied the reports of ethnic cleansing and said that stories of rape are propaganda by activists loyal to the tigury people’s liberation movement our girls are being sexually abused a gang rapes a woman not only one or two men and then they do horrible things i know because i called my relatives back in tigre who have phone network and they told me about that as well as the killings how can we return with all that happening g’day and those with him here say when they joined the peacekeeping mission they were part of a united army but the conflict integrity is drawn along ethnic lines and they say they no longer feel part of the military.

Sudan’s state news agency SUNA said the 120 Ethiopian who applied for asylum were being moved to eastern refugee camps in four groups, adding that they include 14 women.

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