May 18, 2021


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The woman who traveled to every country in the world says Pakistan is in her top10

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The woman who travelled to every country in the world says Pakistan is in her top10
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Cassiedepeco, who has toured all over the world, ranks Pakistan fifth on her list of favorite destinations. DP Colleges are from the United States and are the first woman to make a documentary. He has traveled all over the world. He is also the global ambassador of IIPTI for peace through the alliance of different countries with a group of 196 owners.

Talking to the media, did he share his experiences? Has compiled a list of ten places where everyone in the world should give and put Pakistan at number five and had to do 44 to get it but in this world, media saw me as a guest in Pakistan and especially in Karachi Nawaz said it was really amazing and told that the surprise of the crew was to accompany you in business class along with Angie Mianwali.

Offering and publishing my story on the front page of Travel International and from the afterlife and night time The meeting was an amazing experience that I understand and he said that I will be able to enjoy myself, it is clear that the people here are very loving and the countries I come to in 25 days They started saying something about usage but you can definitely say about Pakistan that people here are very hospitable and what is shown on world media is different from Pakistan that it applies to everything in life Pakistan is mine The time has just begun. There are 195 countries. The experiences are shared historically and culturally. In which Pakistan is one of the other countries in the world which should be specially mentioned.

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