May 10, 2021


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The Second Wave Of COVID19 in Pakistan And its impact on Economy

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The economy is improving a lot and now the Pakistani economy is moving towards growth. With regard to trade, the World Bank had also said that Pakistan is also a viable foreign exchange in this field which has increased by 4.25 billion dollar At the same time, remittances are increasing while during Coronavirus pandemic

At the same time, regular domestic and foreign direct investment increased by 23.5 billion dollars.That is, during the Corona epidemic, the current account increased by 80% from July to September. According to the Finance Minister of Pakistan, the economic growth in Pakistan remained positive due to the smart lockdown

As the second wave of the Corona epidemic comes, we will now show our performance in the second phase in our country. But New cases of coronavirus are being discovered on a daily basis across the country.

Responsible institutions is telling the people about the precautionary measures against the Corona epidemic from the first day but the people are not taking it seriously.And by contrast, large numbers of people across the country are reluctant to wear masks.

As far as the people of the Pakistan are not taking seriously this issue the, so if its happened again than do not let the second wave of COVID19 can be enough dangerous to us.Otherwise, if we look at the lockdown of this epidemic, it will drown our economy and the basic needs e.g wheat rice sugar etc of the common man will also become very expensive.

However, the government has ended the sugar and other crises and reduced its prices, but if it continues like this lockdown, these prices will continue to rise and the life of the common man will continue to be extremely difficult.The government is already trying to stabilize the economic situation of the country. If the second wave of Covid comes and we do not take precautionary measures, the government will face many difficulties.If the people of our country take care of the SOP and cooperate with the government, I think we will be able to deal with this epidemic soon.IN SHA ALLAH

Dozens of people are dying every day because of this epidemic and we are not able to take precautionary measures.The rush of people in the markets can be very dangerous for us.

If it continues like this, not only will the economic situation of the country deteriorate and not only the life of the common man will deteriorate but also the future of our children will deteriorate.Because of the lockdown, schools, colleges and madrassas are all closed and our children are locked in their homes.

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Stay home stay safe

So how will our children go to school, study, grow and take care of the future of the country. We should take care of all these things and keep in mind that the masked St. Ezra should be kept away from others.Don’t go to the market if you don’t need to.Don’t travel if you don’t need to.And if it is possible, let us forbid the assembly of the people, and let us separate the people, and tell them all these precautions, so that they may follow them and our country may prosper.


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