May 18, 2021


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The Philippines says China wants to occupy more disputed areas

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Tensions between China and the Philippines continue to escalate over Chinese fishing fleets in the disputed south china sea in the latest Beijing has hit out at the Philippines after the country’s defense secretary said that china was intending to occupy more areas in the disputed south china sea

now china slammed the remarks saying that it was normal for Chinese vessels to be in the region it added that the vessels were sheltering from rough seas

however, the Philippines has said that Chinese vessels continue to be in the region even after the weather had improved the country said that the fleet which is moored at the Whitson reef is being manned by militias an

international tribunal invalidated china’s claim to 90 of the south china sea in 2016 but Beijing does not recognize the ruling

and has even built artificial islands in the disputed waters equipped with radar missiles batteries and even hangars for fighter jets.

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