May 18, 2021


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The Helpless and fair Mr. Joe Biden

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Mr. Joe Biden, the unnamed former US president and future president, had earlier revealed that he had been treated two years earlier when his treatment was annual. The needy purpose was a thousand square feet house, pon ppp pune dam dam dam dam dam decision decision decision decision decision decision decision. Decision. The loan is not for him. The conditions are very difficult. Secondly, the salary is not so much that he has a loan after his tenure.

In the case of the house, the president had once said that some sort of information was being leaked and that his personal bank account, which was being run with Biden’s help, had prevented the house from being sold. In January 2015, however, Biden’s son was stricken with cancer and went around the world. During Obama’s farewell address, it was revealed that Biden had become obsessed

This is not the story of a Naseem Hijazi novel, but it does not nominate the most powerful country in the world, the United States, and calls the future American president absolutely true.

Would the Islamic nation of Pakistan have lived the life of a cosmopolitan ruler of any Muslim country in the world like the extinct President Biden of the United States? Here are some questions we have to leave in Pakistani stores in January:

1- Don’t you forgive the unknown American President by taking a loan from Bunker?

2- Aren’t Mansha, Jahangir Tareen, Rashid Khan and Malik Riaz the friends of the American President? Isn’t he the one who is luring someone out of his billions?

3- Was the unknown American president so useless and stupid that he did not come to the offshore company in Britain, Dubai or Panama? Or the Papa Jones franchise.

  1. Was there no son of the unknown American president who has made billions of rupees? Either the ex or the mistress who has built a house on three hundred kanals.

5– There was no mention of any sister of the US President who has made property of sewing machinery from billions of rupees.

6– Are there any unknown American presidents? Didn’t any cleric talk about resolving the issue of stopping him and receiving his share?

7- Are the Pakistani rulers using the personal shipwrecks of billions of people, dinner places worth Rs 3.5 million, being used on this occasion by the unnamed US President? And then, at God’s discretion, the dollar will be out of pocket in a few years.

This is the honesty of the kings of the American world!

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