May 7, 2021


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The Chemical Industry.ppt Chemical Plant Operator PPT Slide show complete Course

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All PPT Power point slide show are available here

Ammonia PPT

amonia.ppt – 2.0 MB

Centrifugal Compressor PPT

Centrifugal compressor SIP course Final.pptx – 8.3 MB

Compressor PPT Part 2

Centrifugal compressor SIP course Final-1.pptx – 8.3 MB

Compressor 3rd PPT

Centrifugal Compressors.pptx – 1.8 MB

Safe Chemicals Handling PPT

Chemical Handling Rev.3.pptx – 3.0 MB

Chemistry Module 01 PPT

Chemistry Module-1.pptx – 2.9 MB

Chemistry Module PPT 2

Chemistry Module-1-1.pptx – 2.9 MB

Chiller Presentation

Chiller presentation.pptx – 2.1 MB

Compressor basic

CO2 Compressor (ffbl).pptx – 1.4 MB

Colling Tower presentation

Cooling towers Non Management Coursre.ppt – 16.4 MB

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