May 7, 2021


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Thar will change Pakistan, And Pakistan will change the world: CPEC

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There is a backward district of Pakistan is called Tharparkar. but it is changing rapidly since the advent of CPEC and there have been developing projects and some projects that can change Pakistan.

The Thar Desert of Sindh Province of Pakistan Kafat traditions and values ​​are still present in their original form. Pakistan’s largest desert Thar is located in the Thar Parkar District of Sindh Province of Pakistan. It covers a kilometer then Pakistan is such a region. Where the heat that starts with the sunrise lasts until late at night, your intensity and the rhetoric have rejuvenated the area. The causes of the extreme heat are desert valleys, deserted secondary, and birds appearing to take refuge in the shade of houses and trees. The lack of basic amenities has created more problems for the occupants of the extreme heat. You also turn into people’s slaps and heat up the environment. The temperature here has gone up to 45 degrees. It is a backward district but the people here are very wrong. Tharparkar is an area of ​​Pakistan whose borders are very popular all over the world including Pakistan and have a special identity and warm handicrafts all over the world.

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Unique Tharparkar for city women and men to decorate their clothes and home Uses clothing and traditional jewelry. People give gifts to their friends and organizations. Graphics work is done in villages where both men and women do it. Many things are made by hand at home. Some of them are still made by block printing. Some of these sheets are still made on the ghats which are more durable than the sheets made by the polytheists. The pottery made here is the best pottery. Clay pottery is the best pottery. It is proof of the skill of the artisans who started making pottery with great skill by placing a pile of kneaded clay on four fingers. Culture is the handicraft here is a handicraft that is very popular all over the world and in this modern age where machines are used to do everything everywhere, in such a situation Tharparkar’s handicrafts are presented in a good way in the world.

It is a pity that by taking advantage of this, the color of Muslim civilization can be painted on the world The thing is that the people here spend a lot of their time and effort on handicrafts, but they do not benefit the hardworking people, so much so that the shopkeepers do not benefit. The goods are given to the local traders who buy them from three hundred to one thousand. The fisherman goes from five to ten thousand, but the workers are not getting any benefit from it. In this case, the CPEC project in the region. An important role can be played from here. The government had set up a colony and a market for artisans in the soil in 2011 but it has not been affected by any disease and now it is in a dilapidated condition. Many power projects have been set up under the project and are playing an important role in meeting the energy needs of the whole of Sindh and Pakistan, including other areas.

The main reason for implementing the power project is to provide employment to the people here by taking advantage of the minerals available here. There are 176 Arab war coal that has the potential to generate fifty billion dollars. There is one hundred and eighty-six billion barrels of coal, of which one hundred and seventy-five billion dollars of treatment is available only in Tharparkar, which has the potential to generate fifty Ramadan energy, and that much energy can be obtained from the combined oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and Iran. While the discovery of coal here attracted foreign investors to the area, a large number of local companies and investors also took interest in the project.

In 2016, Sindh Engro, a partnership between Hamid Hassan and Engro Corporation Limited, was formed. Coal is a mining company. God was in the process of extracting coal from the MMC. Suddenly, the company claimed that please, the lives of the people, and especially the lives of the people of Pakistan, have reached a turning point. But there is an area of ​​one thousand kilometers where nine thousand rupees There is coal in kilometers. If we talk about the projects implemented here, then under the first Pervez, two power plants started generating 660 MW of electricity in 2019. The cost of this unit is Rs. 11 per unit, while under the second fee, two more will be installed in 2021. The power plant will be augmented and 320 MW of electricity will be generated, after which the cost of the favorite will be Rs 9.6. Similarly, under the third fee, more power plants will be installed in 2022 and a total of three thousand nine hundred and sixty megawatts. Electricity will be generated.

At the same time, the production cost of hot chilies will be Rs. 7.2. In 2024, 5200 horns of electricity will be generated, after which the unit will be Rs. 7 per lion, but in 2030, the favorite fire will be 4.9. It may be recalled that electricity in Pakistan is being procured from LG Gaya and Magazine plants, while the use of coal can bring the price of electricity per unit to Rs. 5 to 6 per unit. 40% of the world’s population is dependent on coal. Generates electricity as Germany generates 50,000 megawatts of electricity from coal and coal in the United States. The length of the power plant has been kept at 100 cm while the minimum length of Germany globally should be 120 meters. The Sindh government has given the company a 60-year uniform for the said project. About 50% of Pakistani engineers are skilled and others, while only 50% are Chinese. According to them, 75% of Pakistanis working in mining and power generation are locals, including engineering development in all four provinces. Skilled and When the project started, the company started working with about 4,000 Pakistanis, of whom 2,500 are in favor, while the other employees are from other cities and provinces of Pakistan, and their number has increased over time. At the same time, a growing number of engineers has been sent to China for training.

In addition, 30 children have been transferred to a Turkish educational institution for a two-year diploma, where they can return to the company after completing their diploma and start working. In addition, 50 children have been relocated to Karachi where they will complete their IT course under a local NGO and will be able to find employment opportunities and their work is in full swing for the same project. Tharparkar has laid a 270 km transmission line at a cost of 27 2754 million, of which 54 percent is accounted for, while Power General National China accounts for one percent and the rest includes many companies. Apart from this, 5 blocks have been leased to other companies. Such was established in 2008 but For various reasons, the company was allowed to stay in Tharparkar in 2016, while the company completed its precious time on June 4, 2019, and speaking in detail about the gold in it.

During the discovery of vast reserves of coal, it was revealed that the Chinese company had offered to invest in coal-fired power generation projects, but they too withdrew in 2005 due to lack of seriousness on the part of the government. Attempts were made to persuade him to return to the project but he refused and after that, the ICC gave him a chance to work. Now electricity is being generated here. The country’s energy needs are being met and people Getting a job If you come here somewhere you will see that the people here have very good manners. They are hospitable. If you have any difficulty, they will come to your aid. Over time, their condition is getting better. There will come a time when their lives will be among the happiest or not just wives and there is an abundant supply of salt which By making the most of it, backwardness can be turned into prosperity and the lives of the local people can be significantly improved.


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