May 10, 2021


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Terrorism: APS Peshawar Massacre. The Story of Mateen Ahmed

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16 of December it started just as any other day would, my father was a military officer and I am in a military base my school wasn’t a military base and I was in ninth grade I woke up pack my bag had breakfast, and went to school. I met some of my friends and met and it’s some leftover homework but of course, nobody anticipated it would lay ahead.
At around 10:00 Morning when one of the school staff members came to our class and told us that we had built to the auditorium, I personally was very happy because I had my biology class going on and I never liked biology, And I thought it, I would have some free time, I was a member of my school council so whenever there was a school function, school event, I had to get the students to make them direct them the auditorium when we went to the auditorium I met to the principal and she told us that we would learn how to give CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and more about Thursday. 8th, 9th, and 10th grade went to the auditorium that time she delivered the initial address, and then the doctor came on stage. As he came i heard something from the back of the auditorium. My school sports director standing beside me and I asked him about the noise and as our school was in a military base. SO he knew it and he told me that the Army might have a somewhere nearby Or they might be repairing something so it was completely normal

The principal told us that time to close all the doors so we will concentrate properly on the lecture. the doctor resumed his lecture again but after 5 to 6 minutes, two or three-man knocked on the door very loudly and hard. I know that something has wrong I started to walk toward the stage area while all my classmates were sitting on the chairs. After three to four knocked, they knock down the door and I saw one man wearing black and holding two automatic guns and he started indiscriminate shooting. He didn’t waste any time at all. and that was the most horrific moment in my life. I saw my friends and teachers falling down after being shot in the head and torso and I couldn’t do anything to save them.
I was saving my own life. The student were able to open the new branded-doors, some of my fellow were try to open the door and left the auditorium but the terrorist targeted those mosly who’s was try to left. The students won’t leave and there was stampede.

I just couldn’t figure how we go to hurry while I was there my english teacher laying down beside the stage and she yelled at me to come down a light her, I didn’t have any other option so i was did what she said and laid down beside her. Another student with chest injuries laid down above me and all his blood was paursing on my mouth tones i couldn’t any breath I didn’t know that my left ear was injuerd untill i saw my white shirt turned red.
I stay there for a while aboy 20 to 25 minutes when the shooting was stopped but i heard someone kicking with his havey boots. I didn’t know what it was or who was doing this but I preffered to lie down there. The kicking sound was becoming very louder and suddenly someone kicked me two time for check that if I was alive or not. It was matter of two life my english teacher and myself.

The terrorist’s mostly targeted female teachers, they against the female, they don’t want a female to become apart of a civilized community it is not about the religious but in there dirty mind.
Islam has always given the complete right to women and also allow her to be apart of the society.
I just laid down there after making sure that I was among the other dead students that there is left the auditorium along with his accomplices. When they left, A student shouted that they were gone so I looked u and I saw some of the students jumping on the dead bodies and going to the dressing room which was just beside to our stage I also proffered to go there, It was a small room and I just thought that the terrorist wasn’t go there. Two teachers 10 students we was just setting down and making sure that nobody speak loudly because the shooting continuously at out side of the auditorium.
One of our teacher have a cell phone and she was trying to call for rescue but unluckily, those terrorist walking beside the auditorium and they heard us and came again to the auditorium. All the 10 students who was litrelly injured some of them starting shouting louder that they cam again and ia was just feel that i am not safe till yet.

I started recite the Holy Kalma and I considered that this is my last moment of my life.
I laid down there again shut my eyes didn’t show any moment. they came and killed all the students.
When I feel they left I felt something burning as my body burning, I looked up and just a horror that the teacher who was trying to call for rescue she was burning, I try to suppress the fire with a small toss in the dressing room but all my efforts were in vain, She was already dead.
The entire dressing room was made of wooden so the dressing room catch the fire so i decided that i should go from there to the auditorium stage and laid down silently there even i will survive or not.
Just one question was shouting in my mind that how would i see again my parents. Is it possible to go home and sharing these moment with my parents friends brother and sisters?

I just reciting the Holy Kalma again and again until I saw a commando who jump from outside through window i realize that now i am safe.
After some time the commando check all the students that if someone was alive to quick rescue them.
I asked one question. The terrorist is killed or not and they just hug me and said yes.
Then I went with these commando who wrote my name in injured students then I was sat in ambulance

If Malala Yousafzai deserved a noble prize and all those awards for what she went through…
Then all those children who died or suffered in Army Public School Attack 16 of December 2014.. deserve a life time salute from the entire world

Hafeez Khan

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