May 18, 2021


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Switzerland Referendum Results in Ban on Niqab

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Muslim women are banned from covering their faces in a referendum on Sunday in which they asked for public opinion on banning Muslim women from wearing the niqab.

Two percent of the people said they would ban Muslim women from wearing the hijab and burqa. Decides to ban Muslim women from wearing the niqab, hijab, and burqa The Switzerland right-wing People’s Party (PPP) has called for a ban on the marriage of Muslim women in the society and the broadcaster’s news websites.

On the government’s decision, he said it was a defeat for the government and a majority in parliament who opposed the ban on the grounds that it was unnecessary and is now limited, but that local governments could still legislate on it. Why the need for a referendum was felt when on the other hand it is being severely criticized by the Muslim governments and it is being said that this freedom of expression is now being criticized by the Muslim countries. Is going and Switzerland is being taken in stride.

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