May 18, 2021


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Support for Indian Punjab farmers: Thousands of Sikhs Protest for the “Khalistan” Movement.

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Khalistan Movement
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Punjab Formers Strike.
Khalistan Movement.
India Shutdown.

The protests of the farmers in India are growing very fast. The world has come to know that the government of India is so badly trapped that it has become impossible to get out of them. The purpose of these three laws is that we all know how hard the farmers work. They irrigate with the crops they grow, they take great risks, they suffer losses due to its defects, they rely on their crops, then when they reap the harvest, they get the earnings of that crop. The point is that the life of a farmer is very difficult when people in India will benefit from these three laws, which are the middlemen who are big. When it comes to buying and selling large stocks, the Modi government has made these three laws only for its own sake because it will benefit the big people…

And not only in India but in many countries of the world where the Sikh community resides, they are protesting and it is clear that if the arguments violate our rights and the Delhi government takes away our livelihood. We need a separate state called Khalistan

Khalistan the land of sikhs
Khalistan is the land of Sikhs

The slogans of “Long live Pakistan” have been evident in them and in this protest because Pakistan has treated this community very well. In the government of Imran Khan, a university was established in Lahore in the name of the Sikh community which was named Baba Nanak. Along with this, Baba Nanak Darbar of the Sikh community has also been opened by Imran Khan and the Sikh community got many such rights from Pakistan.
The Sikh community from Pakistan is not only getting these rights from you but also the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had told them after partition that if you come to our Pakistan our doors are open for you.
He said that if you want to come to Pakistan and want to stay here, then you must come.
But that time the entire community not accepted the fact but today
here we look

But at that time the leaders of the Sikh community did not agree and they preferred to stay in India
Repeatedly asked by the political leaders of the Sikh community in India to expose our problem to the Pakistani political officials but Pakistan is refusing for the only reason that if we did so India would consider Pakistan a conspiracy Even though only slogans of Khalistan are being chanted all over the world today

Yes, and if we look at the other side of the picture, the Indian government is doing what is already their hobby
Modi has warned the Prime Minister of Canada that this is our internal affairs and no one needs to take an interest in our internal affairs.
Just like Modi was telling the world on the issue of Kashmir that this is our internal affair even though human rights are being violated from there and also human rights are being violated with the Sikh community.
It is clear from this that Modi will not stop his actions. He will also violate human rights in Kashmir and will do so again and again and thus abuses the religious community in India. Meaning the world has no right to speak in this matter.

Addressing the Sikh community for peaceful protests

However, the Prime Minister of Canada re-sent a message to Modi that Canada will always stand by the truth, peace, and the oppressed.
In addition, human rights activists from all over the world are raising their voices for the Sikh community and India is suffering from its own incompetence, stupidity, and hardships. Weaving is based on the ideology of RSS which only and only Hindu Raj wants.
That is to say, the organizations that made Modi the Prime Minister spent their money and they are demanding their money back from Modi because Modi has failed in his deeds and could not create Hindu Raj, therefore Modi is doing this wrong thing. Are
Punjab Bany Ga Khalistan
Kashmir Bany Ga Pakistan
Wazir Azam Pakistan Imran Khan Zindabad
These slogans shouted in the protest..

But despite all this, the world knows that India is about to be divided
Kashmir will also get their due and at the same time, the Sikh community will also get its own separate state which will be called Khalistan.
Due to the coronavirus, the media around the world is not unaware of what is happening in India
How is the Modi government violating human rights?
And how people of every religion are being persecuted in India
The way Modi is oppressing in Kashmir and many media outlets of the world are not able to give coverage there is only because of Modi.
This is how human rights are violated in India every day and the world is unaware of it because Modi wants to fight 1.4 billion people in the name of religion. Modi’s aim is only Hindu rule in India.
In which the government of India will never succeed

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