May 18, 2021


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Space war; Google, Facebook, Twitter threaten to leave Pakistan.

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The major countries of the world including Pakistan, China, USA, India, Russia, etc. are striving for their development and out of them, USA, India and China are the only countries that want to rule the world. The Corona virus has engulfed the entire world. Schools, colleges and universities are completely closed. The economic system has collapsed and poverty is on the rise.
The United States, which wants to rule the world together with Israel and India. Yes, but it will never happen.

Because the United States America cannot see another country developing. China is prominent here. China is increasing its development every day. It is developing new and modern technology and is giving full support to Pakistan in this which should be the case today. The communication system is very important and necessary and new inventions are being made in it. In earlier times, there was no telephone, mobile computer, and a mobile system. There were many difficulties in communication. Over time, such difficulties decreased. And the telephone was invented, the computer, the television, and so on, and obviously there have been advances in such technology. Is better than the Apple smartphone, advanced and very cheap and the United States is jealous of these things.

Now in this modern age, the battle of big countries is going to take place in space. If we talk about Pakistan here, Asia Internet Coalation has released statement with a tweet that Pakistan is the only country that wants to control social media, although this is not the case because Imran Khan’s government the IT minister does not know how to open the computer, i mean this is not a joke but reality of Pakistan Information technology.

AiC said that they are going to make a law under which the social media company can stop all operations here or the new Facebook Twitter and Instagram YouTube etc. as many other social media platforms. The form is such that they are going to close

TWEETASM: Asia Internet College claims that the government of Pakistan is making a law that we do not accept at all, but these companies also claim that Pakistan is operating our platform illegally and After this law, we will have to shut down our social media platform in Pakistan.

The Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) and its member companies are alarmed by the scope of #Pakistan’s new law targeting #internet companies, as well as the government’s opaque process by which these rules were developed.

— Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) (@asia_aic) November 20, 2020

At present, the latest update is that a world war is taking place in space. It is claimed that China is using weapons space weapons however they will be used on the USA or India we don’t know about it but..
What is new at the moment is a battle of the world in space It is claimed that China is using Energy weapons.

Let’s talk about Pakistan here. We will say that Pakistan is the only country in the world that has gone so far that if in today’s digital era we could not defeat any small country, why the country could not be completed???
Because our people are engaged in public games like PUBG and TIK TOK, we have no idea where we are going. There is no limit to how many corrupt rulers have looted Pakistan before. These rulers looted Pakistan and made all the money. Invest abroad. That is to say, the United States and India are enjoying our 35 years of hard work. Now, why can’t we defeat any country digitally because Pakistan has neither a gateway system nor digitalized.

The people of our country have only credit card or Visa card that they can use it, of course, but there are so many problems that if we start to explain these issues, it will be a waste of time.

The rulers look at the haraam man’s credit and how much he is being used
However, if you look at the deeds of these rulers, trillions of rupees have fallen in foreign countries. Where did this money go from? They have the answer.
If we look at India, money transfer in India has become very easy, i.e Indians can transfer money through WhatsApp,

People across India can now send money through WhatsApp. People can safely send money to a family member or share the cost of goods from a distance without having to exchange cash in person or going to a local bank.

— Nathan (@MobileBuilders) November 13, 2020

and in Pakistan, if someone makes money online, he does not understand that How he withdraw his money from paypal etc.
If the US ambassador had insulted Pakistan in 2018, he would have said that Pakistan is living in the 1960 and our rulers are not ashamed at all.
The world today is engaged in research of eight generations and the corruption does not end in Pakistan. The system in Pakistan is not good.


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