May 7, 2021


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‘Some’ Aurat March Slogans Against Islam, Societal Values.

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This has created a storm of obscenity that has been created for the liberation of women. I can’t believe it. The first people said that this kind of banner is held by women in their hands. It is very absurd. He said, “What do I have to do with that post? I saw it with my own eyes and it showed that these are liberal people, secular people. Which way is taking a woman? Women don’t know that yours.” The raft is about to sink. If you allow me, take some leeway. They didn’t read either. Then I thought to them a little bit that we would have made it bad. We would have talked about women’s rights. They have been talking about women. They are marrying young women from Sindh to the Qur’an that America’s war is not allowed. They may have spoken out against it. It turned out that no such thing should be sent to Clifton Defense.

The women here and in Islamabad who are a few women and represent women all over the world, no one made them their representative by voting But social media has promoted so much that the funeral of Hazrat Haji Abdul Wahab Sahib has been promoted in the history of Pakistan. The banner of the phone shows that their father and mother did not train them. The funeral of shame and humiliation has taken place. They have done what the media has done to these women and from that time. It is clear that the intentions of the media were not good but it was written that we do not need marriage, I do not need marriage which is being mixed in the blood of women, and what is the level of freedom of marriage. There is a basic need for women as well as men and I do not say that medical science says now it is a slogan, not that we need marriage, it is freedom, you know what, it does not mean that our website is redesigned to fulfill No, this does not mean that we want to complete our set design through adultery.

This is what marriage is all about. “I don’t need marriage. What does freedom mean? Do it. I’m ready to commit adultery. I’m not ready to be someone’s wife. I want to feed her.” I will open the Chatkala Center and give it to me. The way I get the money I want, I can go there and call it. It means something else. If you tell me, my number is also open. Someone should meet me. So tell me, brother, you tell me, it means something else. A woman came out and reached this beach. This woman wrote on a banner that we don’t need us, we need us, so it means marriage, slavery, and marriage. What is the point of not having a woman that we need, so it clearly means that these women should be allowed to open the toilet? This little design will not end with women. She will complete it with her boyfriend like in the bushes. Fulfill your desire with ten goats and a goat. Such a woman adorns the bed of 10 men.

This pamphlet has this message and if it means anything else. If it comes out, tell me, or the woman whose time is female, that I am so pure and peaceful that I do not need marriage, as Mary (peace be upon her) lived without a husband, so we also told such a story in it. There is no need for a husband and we will continue to play our role in the development of the country for the rest of our lives. This is what I mean by saving our feet. Then what is the meaning of the lizard in the country? The food should be open. They can’t come out. Open this little chakla center, brother, whatever. Wherever it is, it is the same delicious food. Can you give me a room in a five-star hotel or give it a good name? It is the same and such women are like that even if you label them. One of the evils that is being promoted is that this kind of bulls is going.

One of them was that I commented in a bank, “What do we need? Let’s get freedom. We also need some women.” The league is standing that we are divorced but we do not have any tension. It is very good. You do not have tension but it is being thought that trying to marry a divorced woman. If you don’t try, it will ruin the house of women who are married. Don’t say what you think, because when it comes to friendship in the office, life will not be any of them, but they will be married. So the woman who made an agreement with the married man and came to his house and it has happened, her house will be ruined or not. Tell me, brother, by making it easier to talk about women’s rights. The fleet of a woman who is living with her husband in chastity and chastity is being drowned for the sake of prostitutes and the argument is given that the lord is they will be married and some will be ours who I have used this illegitimate means with those who have made illegitimate friendships with others. How is your culture being destroyed and I am addressing the women that it Women will drown like the women of Europe say and you are making a lot of progress? Good women that you come in front of the media. Ordinary women who are middle-class women in society, their condition is very bad. Class women are watching their condition. I see that everyone loses here. I remember this towards the madrassa. When we used to go, we didn’t even see such vehicles in our childhood. Now, why are there young girls? Where are they going? This is the freedom to go around. It used to be within the walls of the house. His brothers used to work hard and feed him at home. Now he is allowed to earn money. What does it mean that they are doing what they are doing in the factory? It is okay and their men are getting itchy. Divorced women blindly think that they are divorced but we have no tension. Yes, there is no tension. Living a normal life, but this is not to say that this tension means that we do not have tension even without marriage, so I must worry about the marriage of a divorced woman.

I understand why women are being celebrated, women’s rights, the same culture, the same horse-and-donkey culture, what is happening, now go there and see how women are neither mothers nor daughters in any country. No, the Naat that is destined is only a relationship with a girlfriend, and as long as the girlfriend is attracted, the girlfriend does not seem to be where the corruption ends. Before using it, it has a different style and after use, what is the condition of the one that has time left? Ten days again, how are the events, call, personal information, the life of your elders, very much to settle down at home anyway. It should be done with concern that it comes soon after the woman. Divorced women are becoming depressed. Who is living a mortal life? They are told that if you get married, you will become a slave. The word slavery is not used for subjugation. Similarly, remember that in a house where both men and women are equal, the house will not be able to run for four days as the rush of areas is increasing. Drama and movies He made the woman stand in front of the man and told her that you are exactly the one who dies. What is the result? Destroy the house. Do you want the domestic system to be destroyed? If the parents are free, then these movements are very good.

The ratio of people is very low, as in Europe. And he told you that the UN report was brought to Mianwali. He went to them and said that the birth rate of children all over the world is dangerous. Isn’t that what you are? The UN report is that the grocery stores are yours. The little one by the name of the employee who will walk in the office of your subordinates you don’t take him out of the job what do you think will not take you out and the answer has started to look him in the eye from here so now your husband very much Why did you make a brother who is powerful? 20 What are you doing, brother? Tell me, I’m fine too. Brother, if I tell you, you will make a hen to make the head of the house, then you will make her a woman. And if the head has become dead, he is strong, he will never tolerate the rule of the weak, it cannot be impossible, he will not tolerate the rule of the dog, the toy in the animal. Praise be to Allaah. I did not sit here to describe the virtues of men Women are worried. Have you ever? I am telling you that the freedom that is being talked about is being imposed on you by a free man. I swear that there will be no torment till the Day of Judgment. I can’t set you free yet. You have eyes that Mirza Ghulam does not die. Make yourself submissive. That is the honor. How many rights have been given to women in Europe today? Today is Friday for men. Even today, a woman is being rejected. She has been rejected and Islam has given rights to women by making them subordinate to men because it is established that they believe that this is what Allah has bound them to. Make it clear what you are doing to him. I have also seen the statement in the post that if he raises the people, we will also be men and women. If he comes, then my brother, it will not happen again. That the man divorces Remember then how will it increase to strangulation like in Europe it is not an issue in our society right now alhamdulillah but there has been a single million of adulterated or poisoned but when the wife touches the husband If you pick it up, it belongs to the city of Murree. Dying is against nature. Brothers, chickens fight with each other. Start killing chickens and hens by tying them up, otherwise, you will commit suicide. I have my pen on me and God has given it Sahar, no, no, let me stay. “Why did Allah make me a rooster?” If he raises his dead hand again, then your age, cancer, he will lose this sense of masculinity. What will not end at that time? Then he will read the choice of classmates in it. People who have shirk in the market will divorce more left in it but such people are more depressed in the market that the poison will prevail and they will be killed. Let the jinn do it in such a way that whoever is killed but does not become a dog, so this is what they will not raise on the people. It will make matters worse. It is better for a woman to be made by God. Think of yourself as a woman. God has made her weak. We can do many things, but we cannot go beyond that. You can go ahead, say, brother, you can’t go ahead, nor can it be possible for a woman to go beyond full age, but due to the nature of the disease, you have gone ahead of those who have gone ahead, it cannot happen.


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