May 10, 2021


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Sick mind Endia textbook portrait Mosque pic as ‘noise pollution’

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Recently, Sonu Nigam stoked controversy over his criticism of the azaan calling it “forced religiousness”. The call for prayer seems to, once again, be in the line of fire in India. A Class 6 ICSE textbook having equated the azaan with noise pollution.

The depiction in the science textbook, Integrated Science, led to an online petition and has also been received with backlash on social media.

The ICSE, however, maintained the board did not publish or prescribe said textbooks, and that schools had to deal with the issue.

Gerry Arathoon, chief executive for Indian School Certificate Examinations said:

If any book with objectionable content is being taught in certain schools. It is for schools and publisher to ensure such a thing does not happen.

Publisher Hemant Gupta said on social media sites:

This is to inform all concerned that we will be changing the picture in subsequent editions of the book.

Gupta added that the diagram on page 202 of its publication consisted of “a structure resembling a portion of a fort and other noise producing objects in a noisy city”.

Recently, the imam of Chandigarh’s Jama Masjid added that the noise of the loudspeakers must not disturb non-Muslims.


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