May 18, 2021


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Should feminists claim Aurat March’s vulgar’ posters? Yes, absolutely

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Awrat March
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Women are not allowed to do this job. Women are doing jobs in every field against the ground lady and they are also allowed to study. These are also crazy claims. They were behind many sins of boys in education in Pakistan but they were worried that Ph.D. scholars are mostly women. They were holding the heads of men whose films have been made. I have not seen anyone till today. Someone should teach his daughter and the police give him money even if Maulana Sahib writes it against him then Bilal we are teaching our children then they don’t know who is afraid that if we go out no one will stop us from education It is from women and no one is stopping them from answering.

However, it is certain that Islam says that the real responsibility of a woman is not to do what she wants to do. Countries have increased. In the Philippines, you have to see. You go. You will still see a lot of girls. Whether their men are sitting at home or for five days. If he and his wife are eating their earnings, then tomorrow we are also seeing that when boys talk about relationships, they need a girl who is doing it. When a woman’s mouth starts earning men, then it is absolutely yours. Come on, so far our society was a very good society. Please grant it and put it in more danger to stay at home. Is it too much or did you tell him that you are responsible for yourself? This is also the case of Kashmir. Feet are safe. If you want to earn it yourself, then it is fine. Well, the individual does not see it. The individual benefit is given to the FIA ​​by the four women. Gone are those who do not want to earn. Feed them in our city. What will happen to them when they leave? Dude, the wife of such and such is also spreading her husband to earn. She has seen herself calling her children. Would you like me to do the same for the sake of four women? So far, 4,000 or 40 million are now at stake for their future. It should be done on top of that. The women of Islamic revival are considered to be free from the bondage of men to earn their own living. He does not keep them in prison. He keeps them safe. The Qur’an uses the word “goodness”.

The best people say that they are married women and the one who comes out of it is beautiful. They say “I am safe”. If it is violated, it is not imprisoned. It is safe. Because of the lion, it can be safe because of the husband. When the husband is in charge of the house, he is the one who focuses the family on the house. Because if you kicked the man out of the house, it is already open. If you kicked the woman out of the house, I would say that whenever they meet at home at night, the amount will be more than the hotel. If you take the children to other institutions, then the children are also out of the house. The mother does not have time to speak and she does not have time to take care of the child. He has been admitted to the institution somewhere. The children’s institution is open and the children will not be short of you in a week. Mian Sahib is coming home at night. He is coming to Begum’s house. What is the need for this house?

If you meet someone, what is the definition of a house near them, not under them? Someone is going to live in the house and someone goes out to meet the needs of the house, which has always been going on. No, but women are safer, then they will start earning. Look at the man’s reach. There is no need for mourning. Then it is all right. A woman does not need a man at all. Then it is all right. Any woman needs a man, even a woman needs a man, so whenever you need someone, So you do not fulfill anything and there is no such need, then the man adopts the woman completely when he realizes that it is only mine, the woman has the right to fulfill it. Take responsibility for the expenses yourself. I have been freed from the worry of expenses and the man will say that this is the decoration of my house. I am satisfied that it was going to leave me and will leave the house without my consent. Allah created both of them for each other. If you set both of them free, then the connection that you will establish only under the marriage certificate will not remain. There is no need for both of them and to see divorce in another country. The reason for this is that there are so many divorces in front of you. The reason is that women are also earning. When they don’t need help, we leave it to them later. What happens to a woman is that she is made of a man’s rib, so what will be the result? When will the children come? Yes, there is not only wealth but life as it is. Islam says that Islam does not like to kill it. It is a matter of running a regular job movement among women.

Someone else is doing a job on the basis of need. The first question of the series is that if you kill a few men, then he will also die in the congregation of women. Then there will be a lot of cases of women. If men have enslaved women, then there should be a movement about these men. Brother, it is the right of women. When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: What do you call those who eat? If there is no shoe on the foot, then it always happens. There is a manager in the company or the influence of the company. I pay the employees by feeding them. There are many people from all over the country. You are making the workers rebellious. Do you show yourself? The factory will be closed to get the oil, and as much as the world must, you have written in all. If you can’t get out of the reach of all these people, then the result will be that the whole system will go bad, and to maintain this system, it is said that people all over the world are Obey your subordinates whom Islam has told that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said on the occasion of the farewell pilgrimage that Allaah has made women submissive to you. What can you ask them not to allow you to enter any house without your permission? All of them go out of the house without permission. These two days are fat. The statement cannot be read more than that and even then these rights. Explain because oppression is happening everywhere in the world. In oppression, the oppressor is considered that you are doing wrong, not that the system has changed them.

A single man is taken out of the office of ten to twenty men and is taken to the office and it never happens that the woman herself is made to do the work of shirk or people. Will be working to entertain her will actually get out of there when she leaves the house do and how much will entertain her thinking about it and this week the girl’s phone call was crying but to meet me with her baby There was a divorced woman who was doing what her boss has rated her for. She is not ready to get married. She is not ready to feed me sitting at home. As a result, what I have said and my boss. It is necessary with me and I have my call. There is no proof. There is no FIR. There is such a girl. So you said that you have freed the woman, that is, what does it mean? The real solution was to stay in this house. You do not believe me nor did you promote him that he is the one who has run in the name of good. This imprisoned woman is in the captivity of a man and they are convinced of the body. That marriage is only to eat paper but there is no way back He is She is also free when she wants to give honor to whom she has no right to each other, as is the case in Europe and they are yours and God is ours, so what is left?

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