May 7, 2021


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Shireen Mazari Bashing On UK Government Today

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shiri mazari
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Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari protested against the imposition of sanctions on Pakistan by the Foreign Office. One hundred and fifty pounds to increase the time of day that is being treated inhumanely and humanely, especially with British people of Pakistani descent, that Pakistan is being discriminated against.

It is enough to be included in the list, but in the state of India where the most right-wing issues are deteriorating and virginity is rapidly returning, man has not been included in this alliance.

Video made by Pakistan Looted in which about eight cases of Afghanistan have come to light that they have not been given anything to eat and their condition is not good. They said that food is being refused and cold food is being given to them.

They are forced to fast without breaking the fast and this is being complained about and people are dying The video states that eating food for our elderly and children is not good at all and hopes that basic human rights will be upheld. British High Commissioner Philip Barton Is being closely monitored and told on his Twitter account that it is going to include Pakistan in the list of countries in front of the UK.

He said that British and American people with civil and political rights can Yes, it will be started now, the sound condition of which was also kept


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