May 18, 2021


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Secularism, Hindutva, BJP, RSS and Hindu Nationalism in India And Jammu & Kashmir

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India is a secular state by its constitution as India is a multi-religious community. So the founder of India rightly opted for secularism and declarer it a part of the constitution. Hindu dominate the Indian population but Muslims, Sikhs, Christians also lived there in great numbers.
It is interesting to note that the country where Muslims live in such a large number in one place is no other state but India.

The Muslims were given a bit little participating in the ”Congress” regime, but since Modi has come into power The condition of minorities in India is worst. Modi has declared India a land of just only Hindus. He has declared Muslims and other minorities as traitors and throughout his tenours tried to torture the minorities.

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Modi has adopted the ”Hitler” policy of Racisms. He is preaching in favour of Hindutva which means that India is the Country of only Hindus.
All these steps he took just to curb the struggle of ”Kashmiris” for their
But Modi wants to declare the Kashmir struggle as ”terrorism”
Modi is a lifetime member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Which strongly believe in Hindu Racianalinsm. Narendra Modi killed tens of thousands of Muslims in Gujrat India
just for his political purpose.
He also repeated the same episode of his drama in Pulwama and blamed Pakistan for all these incidents.
Immediately after the Pulwama incident sitting Pakistan’s
Prime Minister MR, IMRAN KHAN spoke to the Indian public on television and asked the Indian government to provide proof if any, we immediately take action. He further added that Pakistan had already claim down those so-called militants through various military operations like ZARB E AZAB, RAAH E RAS, etc. It is interesting to note that these militants who were involved in terrorism in various parts of Pakistan were supported and assisted by the Indian government (RAW) and we have living proof in the shape of Kalboshan jadave captured red-handed in Balochistan.
Despite all these facts India did not accept our arguments and continued blaming Pakistan for interfering in Kashmir and Pulwama attack.
Not only India declared Pakistan responsible for the Pulwama attack but violated Pakistani air space by sending their jets to Pakistan. they bombed in Pakistan. And after this, the Pakistan air force retaliated, two jets shot down one pilot bailed in Pakistan. But Pakistan immediately returns their pilot his name is #Abhinandhan with a peaceful message that we do not want any escalation.
Rather than taking that peace message the election campaign of Mr, Narendra Modi almost the entire campaign of Modi is that How he had thought Pakistan a lesson that they had jets and killed three hundred and fifty terrorists! A complete lie, They just killed about ten trees of us which is quite painful because we’re growing all these trees.
This is all his election campaign. further, he was talking about that this is just a trailer, I will show the real picture to Pakistan after I become a prime minister.

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Now the world must recognize this BJP Govt that this ideology based on the RSS agenda.
Because India went against the eleven United Nations Security Council Resolutions, Which say that Kashmir is a disputed territory. And the people of Kashmir have the right to self-determination.
They went against the Shimla agreement.
They actually went against their own Indian Supreme Court.

But how can India call their struggle terrorism when India has deployed more than 1 million Army to enter them. It means that every 2nd Kashmiri is blocked by the Indian Army.
Kashmir is not involved in any terrorism. In fact, the Indian Modi BJP govt and Indian Army Involved in terrorism. They did palwama attack.

Kulbhushan Jadhav, a former Indian Navy officer, was arrested by Pakistani officials on March 3, 2016, on suspicion of espionage and sabotage activities against the country. Claiming that Jadhav was an Indian spy. He accepts many terrorist attacks in Pakistan which involve, Raw involved.
How does India explain to world communities that they are not sponsoring terrorism?

There is a huge violation of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir which the international community should take notice


The United Nations and the international community should stress India to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir and solve this problem forever.

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