May 18, 2021


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Saudi King Shah Salman Decide To Start New Relationship With Pakistan

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Muhammad bin Salman’s holiday Imran Khan General Bajwa said that it would not be a mistake for big Arab kings to run away. The people made it clear to Imran Khan that they should persuade Imran Khan to come back in any case. Islamabad is our last resort. Imran Khan’s bad strategy in Saudi Arabia in response to the US has made the Arabs unconscious with a brilliant strategy. Saudi Arabia has no option but to thwart the Arabs’ attempt to rain billions of dollars on Pakistan.

And whether the hostile countries separated them. So far the big news has come. How successful was the Saudi Crown Prince who came to Pakistan on the orders of Shah Salman and What messages did Salman give to Imran Khan after his arrival? Today’s full video The most important aspect of this was the news circulating in the media in front of you that relations with Saudi Arabia were normal at any cost. There are no two opinions on the fact that we have brought our old friend to Pakistan.

Whatever was done, it was morally wrong to do so. There was news in the media that the Crown Prince would visit Pakistan soon and this news was circulating after meeting Imran Khan and ending the grievances, but perhaps the proud Crown Prince did so. Karna was insulted in his honor and he refused to come to Pakistan when it comes to my notice that Shah Salman has sent an important message to Saudi Arabia for Pakistan and Imran Khan. You have been with Pakistan ever since. It would not be wrong to say that Netanyahu’s تین 300 billion investment has alienated Saudi Arabia and its allies from outside Pakistan. The Saudi king has always had many historical relations with Pakistan and these two countries have stood by each other in every difficulty. If we talk about when the Kaaba was built, it was the Pak army that brought the men to the level of punishment.

He circumambulated the Kaaba and handed it over to the Saudi army. Speaking of delay, he did not trust any country except Pakistan in terms of security. Nor does Saudi Arabia have an ally that would be viewed with such confidence. The same thing happened with the Crown Prince when it came to recognizing Israel. Probably a misunderstanding to make this mission a success. His Crown Prince repaid the loan from Pakistan and also made many mistakes after which Pakistan also decided to bring relations equal and it was a big blow to the Arab kingdom. To normalize the situation between Saudi Arabia, Shah Salman had ordered his son to visit Pakistan immediately so that all personal grievances could be resolved by meeting Imran Khan, the king of Muhammad bin Salman’s refusal. Salman said that Governor Tabuk Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz is in Pakistan for hunting to provide Imran Khan but his real aim is to try to sour relations with Pakistan and the governor will meet him.

Tabuk Prince Khalid bin Sultan arrives at Dilbareen Airport by his special plane. Senzai was greeted by Saudi Ambassador Nawaf al-Maliki, who was greeted by a well-armed contingent of police. After working for twenty to twenty-five days, they go back. To quell Imran Khan’s anger, on the orders of Shah Salman, the Saudi prince came to Pakistan under the pretext of hunting valuable animals, but the real purpose behind it was to meet Imran Khan. Now, on this occasion, the Ministry of Saudi Arabia also issued a statement in which they said that Saudi Arabia wants to have good relations with Pakistan and Pakistan is also the best partner. The statement further said that the Saudi Finance Minister Will visit Pakistan and will be accompanied by a time of investors who will announce a nine billion dollar investment when trying to give the impression that whatever the Crown Prince did was a mistake and In return, Sahib plans to make a historic investment in Pakistan’s game-changer cell pack. One of the main reasons for this is that Saudi Arabia is declining day by day due to which the Saudi economy Extraordinary changes in the Shiite attacks in Iran, Saudi Arabia’s economy from the ground up, if the Middle East, then Saudi Arabia to improve relations with neighboring countries, Pakistan is very much needed that Pakistan is the only country that As soon as the Syrian ambassadors and the Saudi foreign minister raised their hands in good relations with all the neighboring countries of Pakistan, then Shah Salman also considered it better to try to resolve the issues through the Saudi prince or else Pakistan would get out of the way. Not only that, but the Saudi Crown Prince had earlier threatened his power in a similar way. As soon as the new US government announced a major crackdown on the Saudi Crown Prince, King Salman of Saudi Arabia immediately stepped in and The new US administration, like Biden’s presidency, has announced it will take a hard line against the Saudi Crown Prince. What is the most beautiful information they have against the Crown Prince, why has the body of Jamal Khashoggi not been found so far, and why?

Crown Prince could be sentenced to death for this crime Saudi Arabia’s latest tensions have arisen, one of the main reasons being that the US President Omar announced the return of the nuclear deal with Iran, Iran, and Saudi Arabia a. Oppose the other, and that is why Saudi Arabia has always been in favor of imposing international sanctions on Iran Now let’s talk about Shah Salman and Join how the Saudi Crown Prince and in whose fight Shah Salman talked, here is a brief study of Jamal Khashoggi’s relationship with the Saudi royal family. Jamal Khashoggi Dabur did not return to his country’s embassy in Istanbul and Turkish police to return with marriage documents, according to Turkish police. He was allegedly killed within the walls, but the Saudi government says the journalist Once Khashoggi left the embassy, ​​the military used to be an adviser to the Saudi royal family, but then he quickly turned his attention to Saudi Arabia, even living in self-imposed exile in the Arab world. Reporting on important events, including the Gulf War over the Quaid-e-Azam issue, and helping Saudi Arabia in all such situations to prevent any major action against the Crown from coming to light.

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