May 18, 2021


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Sara Aon After UK Blacklisted Pakistan airlines

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The British MP has sought clarification on the inclusion of Pakistan in the rate list and said that if we look at it, it is not justified to put Pakistan on the list. According to Islam, the inclusion of Pakistan in the rate list after breakfast.

“I have written a letter to the Secretary of State for Sports and Health asking what grounds they are considering,” said Sarah O., a Member of Parliament. It seems that there is no justification for including Pakistan in this list. I have sought clarification from the Pakistani government on this decision.

Yesterday I wrote a letter to the British Foreign Secretary raising questions on the British rate list. He said that the rate of coronation cases is low. He said that this move of the British government instead of protecting its people is against Pakistan and the Pakistani community.

Neither Shah said that the British government is a subject related to Hajj and not action. In this context, Britain and France are not affected by Pakistan New Sri Lanka had added Pakistan to the rate list, after which passengers arriving in the UK from Pakistan from April 9 will have to pay for the ten-day expenses themselves.

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