May 7, 2021


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Russian Foreign Minister Visit Pakistan After 10 Years

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Russia visit pakistan
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Russian Foreign Minister Visits Pakistan After Ten Years A New Era Is Coming Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Visits Pakistan After Ten Years Russia Strengthens Its Position In Afghanistan’s Taliban Peace Accord

While In Pakistan Take advantage of your strategic position and use it as an important opportunity to expand your relations with Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is the mother of Pakistan for almost a decade, nor is Zamir Kabulov with him. His visit to the United States is also taking place against the backdrop of growing humanitarian engagements, as Russia believes that he and his solution are undermining his position.

To secure Russia’s position in the rising multi-hurricane and India is also being seen in the context of a response, a message will be sent to stop them.

Call old friends and strengthen your relations with Pakistan. In this region, Russia does not need Afghanistan, but Pakistan does It is enough that Manai wants to expand relations with Pakistan on the basis of which the defense experience will be expanded, especially in the field of small arms and counter-terrorism.
Sergei Lavrov Pakistan Islamabad will use its time on the Afghan Taliban to improve relations with Russia


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