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Referendum-2020 for Khalistan, Language, Violence & Identity: Unpacking the Word “Khalistan”

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Khalistan 2020

Khalistan movement 2020

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In the case of Khalistan, it is the name, and it means four different things. This is actually a paucity of imagination and porosity of language and porosity of Thera theorizing about what happened because we have been looking at it as a bugbear on the Indian Nation.

But the history actually goes back before the Indian National state. The Khalistan question is also asking the Indian state. What is your might just judicial system which has not given them justice for 1984!
Unpacking the world Khalistan.
When does the word Khalistan appear in India?
What is the history of the Khalistan moment?
we have defined is for definition 613 1947 Punjabi Subah moment militancy human rights.

In 1929 pre-independent India along with Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Ambedkar, these Sikhs is also demanding a nation
This also demanded a nation
In 1929 Motilal Nehru presented the Poorna Suraj at the Lahore convention of congruence 29th December there were three groups in India who opposed it.
The first one is Muhammad Ali Jinnah from Muslim League, the second was  Babasaheb Ambedkar talking about the right of thousands, and the third was alkalis, Master Tara Singh.
It even leads to the communal award of 1932 and even that was opposed the Sikhs also opposed it because they were 13% of the population in Greater Punjab. and they were a meniscal minority in every single district of that great Punjab.
The trade which Muhammad Ali Jinnah unfurled at that point lead to creation of Pakistan and also the new Bangladesh.

Baba Saheb worked to the Poona Pact.
but where is the Sikh story? We can’t just forget it. This is part of the first definition of Khalistan. through at that time, It was called Khalistan. even Jinnah had offered the Sikhs an autonomous region in Pakistan which they had rejected. They had chosen to stay with India all of this is the first articulation of the Sikh’s need for a Homeland.
Between 1950 & 1977 Sant Fateh Singh led the Punjabi Suba movement. “

Khalistan 2020

In 1966 Punjab was divided into Punjab Haryana and Himachal but Punjabi spiration remained unfulfilled post the Independence and partition of India and their work to time a language Commission was suggested.
One was sacher commission in 1948 and one was the region commission in 1956. The issue was the language Commission of India set down and define languages of the state of India but suddenly Punjabi was not recognized as an independent language and when Punjab South named Punjab for the language being spoken there were there was Punjabi
It was ‘sorry to say’ the Hindus who moved from Lahore to setup printing pressing Jalandhar,
were torpedoing this effort of Punjab being called that and also Punjabi Akali leadership, They were saying what do we have to do with Faridabad
Why do we need Gurgaon?
Let the hind take their place & let the Sikhs get out of place. We will then get a majority in the state and we will rule it forever.

So this created the Punjab Suba Mvement which led on 1966, the trifurcation of punjab the india punjab inside into Haryana, some part were merged with himarchal, and thats they get a new small stae which is 1/7th of orignal greater punjab.

In the 1980s was a bloody time in Punjab with journal sigh Bhindranwale leading demand of Khalistan OR an independent Punjab
On 6th June 198, the golden temple was stormed in “Operation Bluester”

In 1971s, When Jan Sangh pulled support from the Badal-led Akali Dal Government, They came up with the Anandpur sahib resolution in 1973s.
If you read that resolution neutrally or with empathy you will see the first preface of the resolution is very Sikh dominated.

This chapter focuses on the Anandpur Sahib Resolution and the other demands by the Akalis. The discussion shows the response of the central government to these demands and aims to provide a better understanding of what drove the Akalis and the government towards another conflict. It first shows the Akalis charging the government of being anti-Sikh and constantly adding to their list of demands, to which the central government responded by applying delaying tactics. Indira Gandhi continued to play political games with the Akalis. Here, it reveals that the Anandpur Sahib Resolution of 1973 was actually the most comprehensive charter of demands that was made by the Akalis, on behalf of the Sikhs. Furthermore, it shows that there are no less than three versions of the resolution, which are interpreted in different ways by the Akali leaders. The demands listed in this resolution are examined in detail in this chapter.
Keywords; A History of the Sikhs: Volume 2: 1839-2004

So now these things have happened that’s why Khalistan’s narrative builds up now.
Sikh Militancy, In the name of Khalistan and counter-Insurgency Operations, saw Hundard killed in Punjab, In the 80s and early 90s.

Pakistan gives full support to the Sikh community. Recently Prime Minister Imran Khan launched a university named after BABA GURU NANAK.
Prime Minister Khan in November last year laid the foundation stone for the corridor linking Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Pakistan’s Kartarpur 

Today, Khalistan make headlines with “REFERENDUM 2020”
The Khalistan narrative just asking India that where is your Mighty judicial system which has not given us a state in 1984s.

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