May 18, 2021


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Ramadan Fasting: General Tips for Better Fasting Throughout the Day

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general tips for better Ramadan fasting the holy month of Ramadan will occur during the summer months of the year

this means that the effect of dehydration can lead to exhausted feelings and headaches in addition the late-night meals and early wake ups can further lead to higher levels of irritability

therefore the following eight tips can pave the way for a more smoother and enjoyable Ramadan fast


Consumers satisfying iftar meal but do not overeat not only does overeating promote weight gain but also causes you to feel tired and can interrupt a peaceful night’s sleep


Increase your intake of fluids water is always the best source of Lord for your body drink water throughout the evening until it’s time to sleep also keep a bottle of water at your bedside so you can drink during the night make

sure you cut down on sodas and fruit juices they are high in sugar and nutrient poor they make you feel full and reduce your appetite for the important foods to consume


Sleep early so you can wake up to have the important sawada meal number four avoid staying out the Sun if your job requires you to be outdoors try and reduce your exposure to the Sun by being in shady areas wearing appropriate clothing and Sun hats for others limit yourself to being physically active stay in cool areas and

rest as much as possible limit the amount of exercise you do this month and reside to reducing your workouts to evening times after breaking your fast


Avoid fried in heavy foods they put a high amount of burden on your gut after a long day of no foods and fluids the counter effect is heartburn and indigestion so limit these


Give your body at least one hour after consuming your iftar meal so your body can absorb the necessary nutrients before consuming anything else you don’t want to overburden your gut and cause it to go haywire remember moderation is always the key even when not fasting


Choose the right carbohydrates complex carbohydrates such as lentils beans known as brown rice low-fat dairy fruits and vegetables, as well as whole wheat pastures, are released slowly making me feel set headed for a longer period of time they have lots of fiber potassium and magnesium all of which are important for the body after a long day of deprivation complex carbs also aid in digestion and assists in keeping your blood sugar levels stable and lastly


exercise for those who follow a regular workout routine fasting can present challenges however it’s not impossible to continue exercising during Ramadan the best time to work out is that night or before support, because the body is hydrated then look forward to a peaceful and enjoyable fast with these tips Ramadan Kareem tour

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