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Muhammad Ali Jinnah
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The first was established Muhammad bin Qasim landed Ne present a Karachi and defeated the Rope ruler of the area Raja Tahir in 7 1280 thus began the gradual but continuous process of conquest of the Indian subcontinent with the passage of time some of Islam greatest Sufi saints at Hazrat Ali hajveri author Sahab Nizamuddin on Bhav Din sakriya and Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer Sharif what happened this land and through the message of love and peace convert passwords of humanity in this region to Islam over time it is in human history the Mughal Empire would come to be established here this Mughal dynasty revolutionized concepts of Administration architecture and culture at its peak the Indian subcontinent for me was far more advanced and when the earth and the Western world of that time however this Golden period for most runs in the subcontinent slowly started to win and find the gave a completely dark ages with the British to the infamous East India Company took over the reins of power of the subcontinent the people don’t become nothing but slaves of the British Empire in their own home light in 1857 the people of the subcontinent and the last but by now at alipour Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar Rose up in Revolt against the new British Masters British were able to crush the support and thus began the darkest period for the Muslim people of the subcontinent in this time of year again and pain and all who seem to be lost they would arise a Savior the grave and impressive looking Board of honest and ego on humanity quick-witted and armed with both practical and beaming with idealism and incredible and brave man Muhammad Ali Jinnah 25th December 1876 in Karachi Muhammad Ali Jinnah bhai was the first of seven children born to janabai Punja and as he was affectionately called it was small and weak as record by is ever devoted sister feeble and language dolls and stately religion as form was a maja this sector cover hiding a spirit of exceptional vitality and endurance he was enrolled in the Saint madrasatul Islam in 1887 and exclusive Christian Mission High School the free-spirited general never stayed for long at either but rather have a passion for writing and poetry as the son of prosperous Businessman is father wanted him to study arithmetic a subject he’ll look in January 1893 at the tender age of 16 June having a in respect of sir Frederick general and complete sale to England on an apprenticeship at the complete home office in London to do more of what he hated accounting standard for the world’s foremost story and then a seminal work on general Road the recommendation letter by Sir Frederick that single letter to learn that young China from prevention of security to the orbit of British period one in a million Indians one in the middle realise this was not for him and despite much opposition decided to enroll at the link and then to study this very early on show the generous obstinate nature when it came to pursue in what he believed that it is also here in London that is passion for politics originated his mother and why were spent many days with upon his return 18960 was the youngest Muslim barrister in the bustling City he very quickly rose of the rise to become one of the most sought after lawyers in the city and quickly gained the reputation of being one of the sharpest knife in the country .

As being under the shops mines in the country when you want over them equity ferociously aggressive and almost as a when the occasion rose and would kuttikali helped him in his advocacy was the head that he possessed where is the 1906 with initiation into India believe that the best way to United Hindu Muslim is made the earlier of his Political career around the time of the first world war determined to bring the Muslim League and Congress party together and was hailed as the ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity a position he would later be mentally oppose later their relationship to come so poison that it was a herculean task to persuade them even to sit in the same room 1916 fall in love with a pompous prettiest girl often referred to as the flower of Bombay Ratan by Prati Prati herself worship China and against all opposition converted to Islam and married Jeena on April 19 19 18 however this happy Union and in great tragedy for just about decade later with growth is passing devastated on Roadies death scene chunavi Pata a Grave that was the only time when I found in arbitration some Shadow of human being get the solution with politics in subsequent queen of US Ali Khan and his Begum to return from his self-imposed exile you must come back the people need you you’ll only put new life into the league in seven gents toilet into the Homeland and Muslim cause compelled him to return to British India in 1934 in 1937 the Congress party dominated the British elections in India in 1938 in an address to the United States of America generated Hindu and Muslim must be separated 1939 the Congress ruled India in such a bi 7 discriminatory manner that convinced that they would never be an event and fair playing field for the Muslims in a United independent India resulted in the Lahore Resolution on March 23rd 1940 in which separate Homeland for the Muslims was demanded a thought that great philosopher and poet and general friend Allama Muhammad Iqbal Head First proposed in his 1930 address in Allahabad in March 1947.

A German tourist program with source links to the British royal family node Louis Mountbatten fluentu Delhi as Britain’s final Viceroy with the mandate to have no power and oversee British were drawn at the earliest the 2 words was that we can the ones important Empire several meetings that you speak to realize that though if you tried every trick in the book he could not change Genesis all when consuming determination to create Pakistan in his mind was impervious to any negotiation it was in fact this obstinacy and vertebrates you what he saw heartedly believe that made the nation-state of Pakistan reality from just agreeing
Calcutta in 1946 and spread across the country and the number of those in the Congress party who didn’t realize that it may be the only way to the British by this time and lost any exercisable control and looking to make a hasty exit and not later than June 1948 however just six months later under the history of Lord Mountbatten the two Nation-states of India and Muslim majority East and West Pakistan were born on 14th August 1947.

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