May 18, 2021


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Purpose And Motive In The Life Of A Muslim

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Thus, the perfect religion of Islam does not lay emphasis only on a given action, but also demand that its purpose and motive be correct.
The action is a body, and the correct purpose and motive is its soul. If there is no soul, the lifeless body is of no use. The assertion of the philosophers of ethics that no work of human being is without its purpose and motive is absolutely correct. But what actually is the purpose and morality? the philosophers have been unable to agree upon his. From the time of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle until the present, numerous, hypotheses have been put forward. but what actually is the truth has been unraveled.

Islam does not concern itself with the question, ”what is the purpose and motive of ethics?” with the question.
”What should be the purpose and motive of the ethics?”
There can be, in fact, numerous purposes and motives for our actions; some inferior and some superior, some lowly and high. When someone, for example, relieves an old man of any one of the following motives in mind: one motive could be that the old man, after reaching home comfortably, might give him some reward for his labor: another motive could be that people who see him helping the old man would praise him, support him and elect him in public position; another object in mind could be that people would think of him as a good and religious person; alternatively, he may think that if he helps someone in his youth then in his old age other young people will help him. The motive of a good person could be the pleasure the derives from it; Otherwise, it could be that the helper takes pity on the old man and therefore assist him. In short, the same deed done by different people could form different incentives, for different purpose and motives, if one looks carefully at the list above, one will see that the motives put forward for the same act of assistance progress by the degree to a higher level. The freer a deed is from the motive of personal gain, the more valuable and honorable it becomes. Doing a good deed for the sake of financial or any other personal gain is of the lowest moral order.

The desire for honour, repute and fame is also a lowly purpose, but it is higher in rank than the last. the motives to satisfy the desire for spritual happiness also contain an element of personal gain, but ranks higher than the letter one. No matter how magnificent the treatment of one person is of onother, if the receiver come to know that the giver has a particular personal incentive, then the deed loses its value.

To take his a step further religious people may regard the gaining of paradise to be the intention and purpose of their deeds, but, in truth, such purpose also revealed a desire for personal gains; not gain in this world, but in the world after death. although is good, it is nonetheless not of the highest order. It is therefore worth remembering the point that although in the teaching of Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) it is related that paradise is the reward for a believer’s righteous deeds, The purpose and motive for a righteous action should not be to gain Paradise but to please ALLAH

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