May 10, 2021


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PTA Blocks Thousands of Phones of Overseas Pakistanis

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PTA blockd mobiles
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PTA has shut down thousands of mobile phones in Pakistan. People stranded in Pakistan due to Corona are facing difficulties. Thousands of overseas Pakistanis have had their mobile phones switched off for not giving X after more than 60 days. Thousands of overseas Pakistanis forced to stay in Pakistan due to non-payment of mobile phone tax have been stopped.

About 50,000 of those who came to Pakistan in November last year and are stranded here due to the suspension of flights from South Korea and various airlines. They are being given new dates again and again as the third wave has made it impossible for them to return. However, the passengers who have joined the Pakistan Army have been stopped because of PTI’s policy is to go abroad.

Mobile phones coming from the country are stopped for non-payment of tax after 60 days of use. Pakistanis use more expensive mobile phones on which the minimum tax is 30 to 40 thousand per mobile.

These passengers are hanging on the waiting cross. His mobile phone was switched off and he was provided with new equipment for mental torture Pakistanis have demanded that this policy be changed.

On February 24, 2019, the government had increased duties and taxes on importing mobile phones from abroad, citing documents and saying that according to the FBR, imports The increase in duty on mobile phones will increase their value


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