May 18, 2021


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Prepare For 30 or 60 Days Battle With Pakistan and China – Indian Army to Modi

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Prepare For 30 or 60 Days Battle With Pakistan and China - Indian Army to Modi

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After the press conference of the DG ISPR by the Indian Army Chief to announce that we are fully ready for war, all the forces on the border have been alerted and never in history Not as much as this time, in view of all this situation, India’s top mutton leadership has sent a requisition to the Modi government that we should at least have our own star for at least 30 days against Pakistan and China to fight the Internet. And if there is a normal war, then it needs 60 days, while we have a severe injury at that time. If we do it very much, then it takes ten days and we have intercourse with it. Technology will not be able to compete so you have all the funds funded by the enemy but at least we need these things for a 15 to 30 day war because we can’t compete with China like this to have more sex. Like this video before Subscribe to Reality TV and click on the bell icon They are going to take over and the United States is threatening Pakistan because the situation is very bad at the moment. Look at this report released by Robert O’Brien on the importance of the airport by the White House. According to the report, the United States has fully prepared India to go to the limit within a week and in this situation, it is ready to go to the limit. Benefit to China C-Pack Man was told about the whole situation where China will benefit There, the United States will help India and the Dutch, that is, the United States, which has completely broken the Senate of Pakistan, will help India, no matter how it wants to. Now it is trying to become a pawn of the United States. I would like to make NATO a cure for this problem. India, the biggest novelette of the United States, Pakistan Cricket Tournament. Try your best to make some kind of cure and to include India in NATO. For him, it would be that the NATO forces that came into Afghanistan, not all of them would come to India, and India’s security grocery store from Pakistan, that is, the army of more than 50 countries around the world, India 41 someone To help me and this time he told America that I am present in every way but I need new technology I need weapons I need weapons I need everything to compete with Pakistan and China and based on that That is, whatever is inside India at the moment and Pakistan needs a photostat to compete and at the moment India has What is the status of a partner? You have about 12 to 24 planes. India needs a minimum statement in partner firing and even those who have their hands in the aircraft world have come to you a little bit. There will be more Raphael planes, but apart from the rest, they are all old and they will not be able to help. India’s biggest child at the moment. His feet are falling. His hands are on his work. The problem is that If all the effects of the 15-day war are gone, then India will go. What will you do? Then all that Israel has is NATO. When the whole country is mortgaged, the United States and Israel put India in that place. They are taking us to a place where India is so devastated that perhaps because it did not follow in the footsteps of the United States, the situation is as the United States has said at the moment.
If you want to be a cure for NATO, first of all, all relations with Russia should end, that is, diplomatic relations should not end like this. As a distance security partner, don’t buy a single loaf of bread. It will be made you see that Turkey was the cure for NATO, what was the situation after that, then the situation arises that it took over and stuck to it, now it is India’s song that India should get it because America Fully prepared and see that there is a strange situation that if India is cured and all this money comes from the National Social Security, NATO forces are coming to fight against Pakistan and China ie Imagine that you will defend India and when Pakistan is at war, NATO will fight against Pakistan which Pakistan has been giving its weapons to carry its goods. The situation in the region is changing rapidly from Pakistan’s territory. Are coming and at the moment the situation is that Chand Uma is ready to give new technology and help to Pakistan in every way because after this report China correction has been made. It is said that India is being used for Taiwan’s independence from Taiwan. Take Taiwan completely from China because in order to get the right to participate and forever to break the Chinese police. Keep the option inside and even strengthen the hands of the Afghan Taliban. Now Jowagal will be Sri Devi. Inside, the Afghan Taliban will be on top of Pakistan and based on Pakistan. China. There is also a problem here that its Islamic system did not reach within the provinces of China and there are a lot of Chinese Muslims in it to fight against the United States.


Forty Muslims in Afghanistan. But China has put Pakistan in the middle of a committee of Afghan Taliban scholars that the Afghan Taliban will join their company but will act as a come on which China will not pay China will pay China will give arms, intelligence will give information because when will all kinds of results come but through Pakistan The Islamic system will keep in mind one thing about the Chinese sit-in. The Afghan Taliban will win. The Afghan Taliban have talked to them that they want to establish their own system of Islamic Islam. Now the biggest problem is the whole world. I am China for Pakistan. They don’t want anything to happen against Pakistan. There is an Islamic system in Pakistan. The reason is that the Islamic system comes under the rule of the Taliban and this is the age of internet. Let the whole world see it there. We will demand justice and justice from all over the world, including Pakistan. If you look at Kangana Ranaut as a bad example, he told the Indian actor that the way abusers are treated in Saudi Arabia. If this law is enforced, you will be surprised that Kangana Ranaut obviously has nothing to do with Islam, but a small Islam Hafeez in Saudi Arabia and the whole world will see the suffering in 21 days. So pakistan is islam country is only islam and it is said islam will come what will happen to them this is going to happen in future Israel and NATO and the United States are now fully engaged with India in the war against Pakistan.

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